Clarion Project tries to show that Islamic reform is possible, instead only shows how easy it is to be fooled

The Clarion Project, of which moderate Muslim Zuhdi Jasser is an advisory board member, has rushed to his aid in our recent controversy, claiming to demonstrate in this piece that reform of Islam is not only possible, but happening now in all sorts of ways I am not acknowledging. Now, I have never said Islamic reform is not possible, but this Clarion article unfortunately only confirms several points I have made many times before: that much of what is touted as reform of Islam is really nothing of the kind, as the central doctrines of Islam are left untouched; and also that much of what is touted as reform of Islam is actually cynical deception designed to keep Infidels complacent. Both are on abundant display in this Clarion piece.

Pity, the Clarion project has done good work but this broadside by Jasser was unwarranted and their motives are now suspect.

Islam can be reformed, it’s just unlikely that it will be to any noteworthy extent as significant change would entail its complete upending. Currently the Muslim faithful, not jihadists, are prone to violently riot and commit murder over “blasphemy” and other trivialities, there is no way anyone is going to turn that ship around in a hurry.

To my view no reformist has yet demonstrated that they are capable of commanding sizable support within the Muslim community, they tend to find their acceptance within the infidel “anti-jihad” movement or among politicians, the media and the liberal-left who occasionally elevate some token such as Malala to be the standard bearer of their wish-dream version of Islam.

Which makes this attack all the more perplexing. When it comes to Islamists watch what they do, and what they say.