University of Minnesota Drops Homecoming King and Queen So As Not To Offend LGBT

Homecoming Queen

The University of Minnesota’s Student Activities Office announced that it would no longer refer to Homecoming honorees as “King” or “Queen.” Instead, it elected to replace those gendered titles with the name “Royals” in order to “promote a spirit of inclusion at the University of Minnesota.”

Rather than men applying for the title of “King” and women applying for the title of “Queen,” the “Royals” can be anyone, regardless of gender identity, and the “Royals” could be any combination of personalized genders.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Universities are turning into lunatic asylums. And the lunatics are running the asylums. Did you know universities now have “nap rooms” for students? Seriously.
    bring your blankie and have a nap.*

    • Sad, what a waste of time and money.

    • terrence22

      These poor widdle snowflakes should be given a bunch of soothers they can suck when they are in their “nap room”.

    • Clink9

      Let the stupid ones choose to get weaker.We’ll see how it ends for them.

  • jack burns

    MN, WA, and OR seem to be vying for head case capital of the universe with perennial top dog California.

  • WalterBannon

    add University of Minnesota grads to the “do not hire” list