The Russia-Connection Distractions

Democrats who like to complain that the Republican Party in Congress serves only as President Donald Trump’s praetorian guardsmen will soon have to contend with the GOP’s sprawling investigations into the president’s ties to Russia. Unquestionably, it is valuable to perform a post-mortem on 2016 and to have a full picture of the role Russia played in undermining the integrity of the democratic process. But the burning question before American policymakers today has nothing to do with 2016. The immediate threat posed by Russia and the Trump administration’s lack of a comprehensive policy toward Moscow has been obscured by partisan one-upmanship in Washington.

  • huron

    Who is the msm candidate?

  • Gary

    The democrats and Media alleged a Russian connection by Trump to rig the Election and win but don’t have any evidence, yet when the News Papers report the transcripts from phone calls to link Obama to wire tapping republican Civilians….they ignore the claims as having no evidence of wire tapping while using wire tapping evidence to bash Trump .