The high cost of illegal migrants

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says she will withdraw federal funding for public transit from cities like Toronto that declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal migrants.

“One law for all is a Canadian value,” Leitch tweeted last week. “‘Sanctuary cities’ will be ineligible for transit funding if I am PM.”

Under sanctuary city policies — also adopted by Montreal, Hamilton and London in Canada — municipal governments provide services to illegal migrants, regardless of their immigration status.

Under the “don’t ask” policy of sanctuary cities, they make no effort to ascertain anyone’s immigration status.

Thus property taxpayers are conscripted into paying for municipal services to people who are not in Canada legally.

  • Art Deco

    Except for disaster relief, federal distributions to the provinces should be according to formula and unrestricted. The only justification for federal distributions beyond disaster relief and some ancillaries is to ease pressure on the more impecunious provinces in order to defuse interest in centralization of services.

    The problem is that Ontario law enforcement is inhibiting the work of federal enforcement, and federal enforcement is operating within its proper domain. The proper response to that is injunctions and federal trusteeships over Ontario enforcement, not noodling around with mass transit funds. There should be no mass transit funds to deny. Toronto’s the most affluent part of the Dominion. They can pay for their own bloody mass transit.

  • CanuckMike

    Hey Leitch, you shouldn’t be funding municipal transit in the first place.

  • Gary

    John Tory can’t shout out to the 7 billion people outside Canada that Toronto welcomes them if they get here illegally to get Welfare and Health care for FREE and then cry poor when over 300,000 illegals are bankrupting the city and you want to raise taxes and bring in Toll roads.
    Miller would brag about his MBA degree from Harvard, yet this moron costed taxpayer $35,000,000.00 to NOT build a $20 million bridge to the island Airport which he said was a WIN.
    What???? Keep your Kids the hell away from Harvard because they’ll sell your House for $700,000.00 to get the capital out and then buy it back for $1,200,000.00 with a longer Mortgage so the old payment of $950.00 a month is now $700.00 and you are saving $250.00 a month as a WIN which Miller would agree with .

    Here’s how non-citizens and Tourists can stay in canada for all the benefits but not get tied down with paying taxes or obeying the Laws.

    Toronto; Canada has just announced that it will be a sanctuary City by Mayor John Tory , this means that if anyone can get to Toronto they can join the current 300,000+ illegals that City Councils Joe Mihevc said will now get Welfare and FREE Health care.
    If you suffer sloth or just don’t want to work , use the info below to visit or Contact the Councillor in Toronto that said you can get welfare if you show up in Toronto. If you fake a Disability you can get ODSP that pays twice as much as welfare.


    * For any of you outside of Canada , or just across the border as a Tourist and don’t leave if you want all the FREE stuff offered by Joe in his sanctuary City . Just come to Toronto and call Joe at his Office or email him now on how to apply for FREE welfare and Health care.

    Don’t worry about your criminal record or drug dealings because the Police have been told to not ask criminals their status in canada.

    Office of the Mayor ( John Tory )

    City Hall, 2nd Floor

    100 Queen St. W.

    Toronto, ON

    M5H 2N2

    CONTACT below. for Joe Mihevc

    Just phone or Visit his Office if your are l here and you can laso get Disability benefits as well that pay twice what welfare does.


    Joe Mihevc is Toronto’s city councillor representing Ward 21, St. Paul’s West. He is an advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets. ( oh well , forget the Safe Streets when illegals will be murdering women like in San Fran, Thanks uncle Joe. )

    100 Queen Street West, Suite B35

    Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2

    Phone: 416-392-0208

    Fax: 416-392-7466


    Executive Assistant

    Michelle Maron


    Constituency Assistant

    Jessica Reeve


    Constituency Assistant

    Skylar Maharaj


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