Teacher quits after Muslim primary school students threaten to behead her

Frightened teachers at a Sydney primary school have revealed students are showing signs of extreme radicalisation at a young age, saying they have been traumatised by threats of beheading and other violent behaviour.

  • Alain

    I am trying to understand how anyone is the least bit surprised that the offspring of members of a totalitarian supremacist belief system would act this way.

    • Justin would be, except I don’t think he can read.

  • Gary

    This is a dog bites man story.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • Watchman

    At this young stage in life, they only have Jihad of the Tongue (jihad bil lisan), but when they get a bit older and stronger they will be able to wage Jihad of the Sword (jihad bis saif), as required by islam.

  • bargogx1

    Those teachers are clearly “Islamophobic”!

  • k1962

    Bring back the strap for these little sh*ts.

  • WalterBannon

    their diversity is enriching us so much

  • John Edward

    We should not stick these violations in Islam.
    It happened in many countries with many religions.