Mainstream Media Photographer Causes Unholy Fracas Over ‘Beware: Jews’ Sign

A road sign seemingly warning pedestrians about the presence of Jews in the local area has been found attached to a lamppost in London, provoking local and national outrage – although, it has been revealed the act was an injudicious instalment of a wider art project, created by a mainstream media photographer.

  • V10_Rob

    ‘A hipster art project gone wrong,’ that certainly explains things. For something that was supposed to be anti-Semitic vandalism, it struck me as pretty understated and ambiguous. A real and intentional ‘Beware of Jews’ sign would have made generous use of the Star of David, caricatures of big noses, etc.

    • marty_p

      The sign looks more like a Beware of Charlie Chaplin Look-a-Likes.

  • tom_billesley

    A red triangle is used only for “warning” signs
    The artist says he put up other signs, including a woman with a shopping trolley, a man pushing his wheelchair, and a cat, as part of his project
    He didn’t put up a sign with a woman in a burka, though.

    • V10_Rob

      “He didn’t put up a sign with a woman in a burka, though.”

      I wouldn’t either. No sane artist depicts anything about islam, even in an ostensibly positive or neutral way, unless they are prepared for possible violent fallout (or are specifically looking for a fight).

      • shasta

        “I wouldn’t either. No sane artist depicts anything about islam”

        The world has a different perspective when one is upright and not crawling on ones belly in submission to islam.

        • V10_Rob

          I paint a public park and the people in it, the realtime scene in front of me. One them just happens to be a walking trashbag. Suddenly it’s all about islam, and whatever message and motive people want to read into it. Unless I self-censor something trivial, I’m leaving myself open to a world of headaches. It’s both completely rational and insidious.

          The islamists and their PC enablers need to be smacked down, hard. It must be made as difficult and costly to attack some exercising free speech as possible, so that they, not us, are the ones that must ask themselves “Is this the proverbial hill I want to die on? What I want to waste months of my life and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting?”

          • shasta

            “a world of headaches” No one is saying that reality is easy, but if you omit things from your painting that are right in front of your face you are avoiding reality, and are painting fantasy pictures.

        • Watchman

          Smart artists know about Charlie Hebdo in France and Molly Norris in the USA. Molly is still alive though, presumably, somewhere out there incognito avoiding the fate of the cartoonists in France.

          • shasta

            “still alive though, presumably”

            I thought that was the point I made. Molly evidently does not believe that free speech is worth fighting for, and has thrown away her identity and grovels to mohamed in order to avoid trouble. The fact that so few people will stand up nowadays is one of the main reasons that the west is failing. (I am not condemning her for her choice it is her choice; just making an observation on the state of western societies.)

          • Watchman

            I think I was agreeing with you. It might be different if governments supported artists who support freedom of speech, but they do not.

          • shasta

            Sorry guess I wasn’t reading clearly.


          • Watchman

            I already paid for the half hour session. I have the receipt. 😉

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Context, context, context.

    • That would be racist.

  • Slickfoot