It’s time for a tax revolt in Canada

“…So if the rich are already paying their fair share, how come we middle-classers aren’t getting ahead?

How come, for instance, our productivity has gone up by as much 75% since the ‘70s, but our incomes haven’t kept pace? Why aren’t we seeing more of the fruits of our labours? Why can so many of us now no longer afford to buy houses or pay off student loans. Isn’t that because the rich, greedy 1% are keeping more of our money for themselves?

The short answer is: No. The reason middle-class Canadians feel like they are running on an income treadmill is that governments are keeping much greater sums of our cash.”

  • Gary

    Do you remember the Panama Papers where we saw Justin declared he would clamp down on people like Paul Martin and his Fathers wealth that is hidden off-shore to avoid taxes.
    Well , that last about 2 weeks as the CBC went on to other stories so he didn’t have to get tough on Liberals that scammed out system and then hide the money off shore.
    Paul Martin was the Finance Minister and maybe the US media and Democrats should stop looking at Trump’s taxes and use Canada as an example of Wealthy crooks that should be in jail.

  • David Murrell

    The Globe and Mail has long been a mouthpiece-newspaper for the Liberal party — and the past two weeks the rag has been raising trial balloons as to which tax hikes would be the best. The paper, as a part of the Liberal propaganda machine, has close contacts with Liberal cronies in Ottawa. So when the Globe states that the fed Liberals will raise taxes next Monday, we should take it at its word.

    One thing though. I like Lorne Gunter; he is a good writer and has fought the good conservative fight for a long time. But surely there will not be any tax revolt. For one thing, there are too few fiscal-conservative advocacy groups working at the grassroots level to pull it off. For another, the only party willing to advocate for tax reductions — the Conservative party — is now too “moderate” to even want tax reductions. Finally, our establishment media is too left wing to even allow tax-reduction advocates any time. The elites are closed to the idea.

  • Alain

    I find the virtual silence concerning the Liberals’ plan to tax us on the sale of our home, our sole residence. The sale will have to be included as part of one’s income on the income tax return from what I have read. If people don’t scream bloody murder over this, then I guess it is true that Canadians love being excessively taxed.

    • If they didn’t, there would riots already.

      • Alain

        Canadians getting their information and news from the MSM aren’t even aware of the new tax on the sale of their home, because to my knowledge the MSM are silent on it.

        • That is their fault for not doing basic research.

          • Alain

            True, but we all then pay the price of that and our lack of true journalists without an ax to grind. Any doubt, consider who is now running the country.

          • That is no excuse for being stupid.

            It’s not like Canada has a digital firewall.