Ex-Muslim Warns Canada Against Sharia Law

  • Waffle

    Something very fishy about this vid. For one thing, these “Third Degree” fellows don’t seem to know very much about Islam. Also, I get this icky feeling that they are parading Sandra around like a tamed tiger on a short leash. Maybe I missed it, but where is the warning?

    Anybody at this point, who doesn’t know what sharia and Islam is all about is either brain dead, drugged or willfully deaf, dumb and blind.

  • Well Mr. Waffle, as the old maxim goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. At this point in time just spreading the message that iSlam is a political ideology, as Ms. Solomon stated, is yuge. They killed Catholics and Protestants alike in communist countries, so don’t think that satan favours one version over another…
    Thank God for these brave escapees of the madness that is Mohammedanism. May their voices be heard loud and clear across Canada! Especially in PM Turdoes ears!