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Snoop Dogg Pulls A Gun On Donald Trump Clown In New Music Video

The video, directed by YouTube sensation Jesse Wellens, depicts Trump as a clown named Ronald Klump ruling over a world of other clowns. At one point in the video, the Trump character is held up in the street by Snoop Dogg, who fires a toy gun off aimed at his head.

New Israel Fund of Canada: Trump is a “source of danger to Israel”

Joan Garson, the Chair of New Israel Fund of Canada (NIFC) and former past chair of ARZENU, the international organization of Reform and Progressive Zionists, believes that “fear” in the Jewish community pushes people to the right side of the political map and emboldens Israeli nationalism.

Speaking at NIFC conference in Jerusalem, Garson expressed her hope that “many are beginning to understand President Trump as a source of danger to Israel.”

US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea “Infiltration”

The beefing up of U.S. special operation forces in the drills comes after North Korean leader Kim said in a New Year’s speech that the country was in the “final stage” of test-firing an intercontinental ballistic missile, the first of its kind, and pushed through two separate missile tests earlier this year, the latest on March 6. North Korea claimed through its state-run media that the most recent drill was aimed at striking “the bases of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in Japan.”

Nobody likes M-103, new data reveals

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is crying “Islamophobia” after his government ministers weren’t allowed to campaign in the Netherlands over the weekend in support of his bid to expand his presidential powers.

It’s just another reminder of why this vaguely defined buzzword should never be officially recognized by Western governments.

WH Press Corps Sees Conservative Reporters In The Briefing Room As ‘Existential Threat’

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has made a point of highlighting conservative and outsider outlets in his briefings, including The New York Post and The Daily Caller, often giving them the first question rather than mainstream outlets such as The Associated Press accustomed to getting priority. The ongoing nature of the shakeup is getting to some of the White House reporters, who perhaps thought things would return to “normal” after Spicer finished making a political point.

University Removes Scale From Gym: ‘Scales Are Very Triggering’

A sign where the scale used to be stated it was removed to encourage people to focus on other ways of measuring their health beyond just their weight.

The sign stated the decision to remove the scale is “in keeping with current fitness and social trends.”

Ex-Radical Muslim Says Jihadists Are Sending Students to Top Colleges in America

“I want to touch base on the peaceful presentation of Islam which is an incredible deception. I don’t understand how the Western world doesn’t get it. I want to say [it’s] naïve, but it is idiotic to not understand how Islam has nothing to do with peace. Islam can only bring peace with sword. They will behead you if you [don’t] give up your faith. If you give up your faith then they allow you to live under their rule and dictatorship,” Abla explained. “There’s no peace in Islam. Let’s get this straight.”

Physics conference urges attendees to wear ‘pronoun stickers’

“As part of ongoing efforts to improve inclusiveness at AAPT National Meetings, we are providing stickers with pronouns that can be attached to name badges,” a sign welcoming attendees at this winter’s meeting stated, going on to suggest that such a practice will “make it easy” for “people to communicate their pronoun sets to others, especially for people who use uncommon pronouns or who have recently changed which pronouns they use.”

LGBT activist ‘kidnapped and raped by man angry at Donald Trump being mocked’

Mr Ostmane alleges that he was dancing at a bar in Marseille when his drink was spiked by two men, one of whom was American and the other was English, Pink News reports. He says the men subsequently took him to a hotel room against his will, where he was held hostage and raped.

He said that the American told him: “You people… you hate Trump. And you listen to black and Arabic music.”

Toronto needs expanded resources as refugee numbers swell

Toronto is woefully unprepared for a potential influx of migrants, critics say.

The number of asylum seekers entering north into Canada this so far year – since President Donald Trump took power and put strict regulations on entering the U.S. – has doubled over the same time period in 2016 to about 1,700.