Will Trump end subsidies to public broadcasting?

John Stossel hopes so at Townhall:

It’s not just the politics that are wrong. Government arts funding doesn’t even go to the needy. Arts grants tend to go to people who got prior arts grants.

Some have friends on grant-making committees. Some went to the same schools as the people who pick what to subsidize. They know the right things to say on applications so they look “serious” enough to underwrite. They’re good at writing applications. They’re not necessarily good at art.

Defenders of public funding say their subsidies bring things like classical music to the poor. But the truth is that poor and middle-class people rarely go to hear classical music, even when subsidies make it cheap.

Subsidies pay for art rich people like. More.

Reality check: Public arts subsidies are also free PR for progressives, who dominate the arts. If the granting government really wanted to give poor people culture they care about, it would subsidize sports tickets. But poor people so often find the money for sports tickets anyway. What does that tell us about who public subsidy really benefits?

Won’t Americans miss the dreadfully earnest public broadcasters? Well, would we miss the CBC?

But caution!, never forget that most artsies today could not survive without subsidy from those who don’t care about their work but are forced to fund it. It is life or death for the artsies and they will play it that way. It’ll be loud.

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  • Millie_Woods

    That and the National Endowment for the Arts.

    Kill it now!

  • No taxpayer funded NEWS please.

    It only amounts to propaganda.

  • Ed

    The good news is that squeal as they will, they don’t have enough granolas to make a difference.

  • robins111

    Arts Grants is funding for hobbies of over-educated lefties, so they can demonstrate that they have no talent.

  • stubb

    I always liked old John. I didn’t know he was smart, too.

  • Gary

    About ten years ago I talked to a store clerk that was in a small band while another young clerk at a video shop wanted to do acting plus play the guitar. I warned them about the Arts Community and how Government funding from all three Levels can be meted out depending on who you know and what your Political views are.
    Yes , some of the direct Funding by an Application for an event or travel expenses to cross Canada by car or produce a CD .
    But after almost 50 years of stage work as a musician , singer , volunteer actor , musicals , working with people linked to the CBC and Movie filming in Toronto, 10 years of Charity work as a barker to ad lib on a hot Mic, plus successful in track&Field and swimming . The Arts & Entertainment sector is almost like a Gated Community for over 90% of them where you must sing from their song sheet and vote for their popular Political party , wear the rainbow flag button, get the coffee from Starbucks and drive a Hybrid electric car.

    I wish I had a $1.00 for every person that said they knew someone I could see for a Job in acting or a TV show and Voice over for Commercials.
    There’s a reason why the children or relatives of successful people in the Media become part of that industry. Almost every place I worked since age 14 had the odd co-worker related to the owner or upper Management that usually made more money than others while doing only about 75% of the work as others. Justin Trudeau is a perfect example of a useless Child rising to power on the Family name and making Canada a Joke on the World stage with a Leader obsessed with Selfie’s while embracing the misogynistic Sharia in Canada as he claims to be a Feminist.

    I’ve had professionals compliment me and suggest I do Stunt work as an extra or join a Stage play troupe and submit a demo tape to Radio stations. But it’s always someone else that can help me as they wash their hands of it.

    Today with the Internet , there are now venues to self-promote via video and the Websites to post Voice demo audio files for a fake commercial or Voice instructed Job manuals for new employees and Warning messages that must be geared to the seriousness of the crisis such as a Smoke fire o be directed towards the sounds .
    I don’t see the 22 years on Stage or in Plays where I sang as a waste , many millionaires didn’t get rich until they were over 60 such as Col Sanders (KFC) and the Inventor of the newer Maglite flashlight that is now 86.

    The NPR should die a quick death and be joined by the CBC to be tossed in the junkyard as failed Publicly funded propaganda wings for the popular Political Party which is now the Globalist , Liberal progressive , leftist open borders Liberals in Ontario and Federally.
    Justin promised the CBC close to $500,000,000.00 more of OUR money in his 1st term if Elected…..gee, what were the odds that he got Elected while the CBC bashed Harper and praised Trudeau’s Virtue signal to bring in 100,000 muslim refugee over 4 years.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder that gets the people around the victims of it harmed by poverty and getting killed .

    If people like my talents I will survive by having a product people want, if I never was good and see how I get menial jobs with no rise in money and jobs…..it still won’t negate how I saw people will low skills get promoted where we can look at the CBC to spot the Diversity position on TV and the Radio where they wouldn’t make the stage play for a Grade 9 Drama Class .

    • ntt1

      There seems to be an immovable obsticle blocking Canada from having a decent film industry other than american imports. i watch netflix and enjoy top quality productions from countries with way less population and way less resources and find it embarrassing that even with top technical crews Canadian product sucks so badly.
      Iceland does it better, .Danemark is small , often the same faces appear repeatedly but it still shines compared to schitts creek or little mosque on the prairie
      Government funding corrupts ,there is indeed a massive mediocracy running the entertainment arts in Canada, it has to be defunded.disbanded and hounded from power.

  • David Rhind

    Every once in a while I get solicited by The Conservatives when they’re fundraising.I tell them they lost me when they had their last majority Government and didn’t pull the plug on the CBC.That was a disappointing,to say the least,moment.