Will Trump end subsidies to public broadcasting?

John Stossel hopes so at Townhall:

It’s not just the politics that are wrong. Government arts funding doesn’t even go to the needy. Arts grants tend to go to people who got prior arts grants.

Some have friends on grant-making committees. Some went to the same schools as the people who pick what to subsidize. They know the right things to say on applications so they look “serious” enough to underwrite. They’re good at writing applications. They’re not necessarily good at art.

Defenders of public funding say their subsidies bring things like classical music to the poor. But the truth is that poor and middle-class people rarely go to hear classical music, even when subsidies make it cheap.

Subsidies pay for art rich people like. More.

Reality check: Public arts subsidies are also free PR for progressives, who dominate the arts. If the granting government really wanted to give poor people culture they care about, it would subsidize sports tickets. But poor people so often find the money for sports tickets anyway. What does that tell us about who public subsidy really benefits?

Won’t Americans miss the dreadfully earnest public broadcasters? Well, would we miss the CBC?

But caution!, never forget that most artsies today could not survive without subsidy from those who don’t care about their work but are forced to fund it. It is life or death for the artsies and they will play it that way. It’ll be loud.

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