Vegans vs humanity: Not kidding in the least

Nothing good can come of this.

From Michael Cook at MercatorNet:

An international campaign seeks to make animals honorary humans

For four weeks in August and September last year, a gigantic billboard campaign in Times Square in New York promoted veganism – the idea that we should live without animal products of any kind, for cosmetics, footwear, research, entertainment and especially food. The key message was “different but equal” – that animals have exactly the same feelings and relationships as human beings do.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix said that the campaign, “encourages us to consider that our core similarities are far deeper than our surface differences. Now, more than ever, the world needs to hear this message.”

Why now more than ever? When thousands of innocent civilians are dying in wars in central Africa, or drowning in the Mediterranean, or being bombed in Syria, why now more than ever do we need to protect cute-looking animals? More.

Reality check: Because it was never about enhancing the welfare of animals. Like all progressive movements, it is ultimately about undermining the status and dignity of humans. Most progressive goals cannot otherwise be met.

Never forget that the Western populations at whom these campaigns are directed are old and high maintenance. Global governance can get on fine with younger, cheaper, less-rights-oriented populations, and increasingly, with bots.

See also: The voluntary human extinction movement is quite serious. And, in ProgressiveWorld…?

Humans are not special.


Always remember, We’re all “the fetus” now