Poll: Most Canadians don’t care if Muslim immigration drops….

Most Quebecers and Canadians don’t care if the January attack on a Quebec City mosque led to a drop in Muslim immigration to this country, a Radio-Canada survey suggests.

  • I’ll bet the survey is bullshit.

  • Dana Garcia

    The attitude toward muslims in Europe — once so generous to the diverse — has cooled considerably with experience.


    • mobuyus

      55% Non-muslim 20% muslim 25% weren’t home.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        25% to stupid to know whats going on, or lieberal.

        • mobuyus

          Probably liberal islam scares the shit out of them yet they fear being branded islamophobic and racist so they chicken out over the phone. They can’t answer because the islam got their tongue.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Where was the most important question?

      Should Muslims be expelled from Europe or be allowed to continue destroying it?

      • evangeline golding

        Absolutely expelled, immediately, and without exception

  • WildWelshWoman

    Hmmm… so what can we do to stop Muslim immigration altogether?

    • Mickey Oberman

      Ban. Ban. Ban.

      Pass a law banning Muslim immigration.
      Ban halal meat as being cruel to animals.
      Ban the Koran as a grossly obscene book.
      Ban the burka and hijab.

      And there are numerous other logical and reasonable bans against the anti Western life styles ordered by the Koran and the Imams.

      • WildWelshWoman

        I like your thinking!

        • Mickey Oberman

          Thank you.
          Me too.

  • Bataviawillem

    Why would a westerner want any muslim Immigration.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Don’t care?
    I care very deeply.
    I would very sincerely like to see Muslim immigration plunge to zero.