Exit-town U.S.A: The quiet New York state suburb where scores of immigrants are creeping into Canada in the dead of night

In this photo the RCMP escorts a clan of illegal alien invader benefit shoppers to the local welfare office where your tax dollars will be put to work providing a comfortable lifestyle much as is done for the “employees” of the CBC who gleefully record the event for the daily scheduled national “2 minute Trump Hate”. It’s important to note the criminal illegals faced no danger in the USA. 

Frightened immigrants are creeping into Canada through a quiet border town in northeast New York to escape Donald Trump.

The families are fleeing through the town of Champlain which shares a border with Quebec.

They make their crossing on Roxham Road which leads them directly towards the village of Hemmingford and in to the path of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers who take them to immigration offices where they can apply for asylum.

Since Donald Trump tried to implement a controversial travel ban stopping citizens from Muslim majority countries from entering the US, foot traffic on the road has increased.

  • Millie_Woods

    Great picture.

    “Garçon, garcon! Take this car seat to our room”.

    • Abu Nudnik

      Strange. Why *is* a cop acting like a porter?

      • Thank you Canada. You are helping the US budget deficit.

        (Too bad about Canada’s deficit. But real progressives couldn’t care less.)

      • Dante

        When on porter duties, do they get porter wages and tips, or do they still get RCMP salaries? If the second, they are the highest paid porters in the world.

        • Will Quest

          RCMPee ……. porters par excellence ………

      • Clink9

        They’re not real cops anymore. Just high paid social workers.

        • Bubba2 Butane

          Actually they are primarily Turdo’s M103 thought police. Question immigration policy in a tweet? Three years in prison and your property confiscated by the state.

    • mauser 98

      to our leafy, toney condo

  • ontario john

    Maybe the RCMP can set up a Tim Hortons there for them. Our Somali cabinet minister can hand them out. But the coffee has to be free. Every thing is free here in Sunny Ways Canada.

  • Martin B

    The #$%$ RCMP ESCORTING criminals into Canada. The Northwest Mounted Police are puking in their graves.

  • simus1

    It is a bit chilly now for leftist street theatre like this but once the warmer weather shows up other equally moronic marxist news filler has priority.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I find that totally disgusting, considering how the natives and the homeless are treated around here…..Natives here would be horrified to have some local cop lay his paws on their kids…

  • Sid Falco

    Montreal and Toronto are full of homeless Canadians.

    • tom_billesley

      So you don’t think they’ll stay in Quebec?

  • sk6actual

    Ah yes, Quebec … home to liberal French similar to those with Algerian Guilt Complex who allowed the mass migration into France. How’s that been workin’ for ya’?

    • tom_billesley

      Do you think they’ll want to stay in Quebec?

      • sk6actual

        Plagues travel …jus’ sayin’

      • reidjr

        Montreal is far more appealing then Southern Ontario now.

  • tom_billesley

    If a “Welcome to Canada” sign could clandestinely be placed on the highway south of Champlain, would it fool them into claiming asylum at a US police station?

  • Fleeing?

    From what or whom are these illegal migrants fleeing?

    • Starlord

      I would say chasing.
      They are chasing the next gravy train as theirs is about to stop.

      • Chasing a gravy train? Definitely.

        They can’t be fleeing from the US because it is not a dictatorship. Their visas expired and they are looking or a new place to loaf.

  • mauser 98

    escape from New Yoyk State
    the most generous welfare benefits in the US

    • Starlord

      Yup they know their gig is up! They wouldn’t qualify for refugee or any type of status in the US. So off to the next host to leech.

  • ismiselemeas

    Somebody should walk over to the US and claim asylum on the grounds that Canada is unable to defend its borders.

  • vimy

    there is a safari park in Hemmingford, went to it as a kid. House them there in TENTS!

  • This makes. No sense.

    Iranians are temporarily banned from entering the U.S., so therefore Somalis safely ensconced in Minnesota need to risk death and frostbite to enter a country illegally? And we’re not sending them back? Okay, it’s cheesy, but –

  • Shebel

    Any entrepreneurial drug smuggler should Load those ‘Invaders’.
    Nobody will check because that would be Islamophobic and Racist.
    Maybe this is why the RCMP are so anxious to act as Porters.
    Risk Free drug Smuggling.

    Please donate to the Liberal Party of Canada.