Exit-town U.S.A: The quiet New York state suburb where scores of immigrants are creeping into Canada in the dead of night

In this photo the RCMP escorts a clan of illegal alien invader benefit shoppers to the local welfare office where your tax dollars will be put to work providing a comfortable lifestyle much as is done for the “employees” of the CBC who gleefully record the event for the daily scheduled national “2 minute Trump Hate”. It’s important to note the criminal illegals faced no danger in the USA. 

Frightened immigrants are creeping into Canada through a quiet border town in northeast New York to escape Donald Trump.

The families are fleeing through the town of Champlain which shares a border with Quebec.

They make their crossing on Roxham Road which leads them directly towards the village of Hemmingford and in to the path of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers who take them to immigration offices where they can apply for asylum.

Since Donald Trump tried to implement a controversial travel ban stopping citizens from Muslim majority countries from entering the US, foot traffic on the road has increased.