Big Gay: Hollywood a flop as a progressive lecture series

They can’t yet force everyone to pretend we care and find them interesting, the way a prof could force students. From Brent Bozell and Tim Graham at Townhall:

They say network television is a profit-oriented business, but that’s obviously not the case when it clashes with Hollywood’s sexual politics. Last week, ABC tried to lecture America with a four-part miniseries on the radical gay left called “When We Rise,” and it tanked in ratings despite heavy promotion throughout the Academy Awards broadcast the night before the premiere.

While ABC’s star-studded propaganda finale drew two million viewers on Friday, March 3, CBS drew 6.6 million for “Hawaii Five-0” and 6.8 million for “Blue Bloods.” ABC’s “Shark Tank” lead-in drew six million viewers. This was boutique viewing for the left, the latest evidence that GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is a dominant Tinseltown player. Its revolution must be televised, no matter how many watch. More.

Reality check: Clearly, people don’t oppose the gay agenda so much as they just don’t care about it and won’t take time to watch. It will take a long time, one guesses, before Tinsel town “gets” the problem. Its cultural prestige is suffering because, by demanding that people listen and care, it has put itself in direct competition with every bore on the planet.

See also: Ambitious gay rights drama flops Until progressives can control what the rest of us are allowed to watch, they will not be able to advance their agenda very significantly hereafter.


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