A plot by Cardinals against the Pope?

From Damian Thompson at UK Spectator:

There is a touch of the Peronist street-fighter about Jorge Bergoglio. As his fellow Argentinian Jesuits know only too well, he is relaxed about making enemies so long as he is confident that he has the upper hand. The posters convey impotent rage: they are unlikely to carry the fingerprints of senior churchmen.

In any case, it is not anonymous mockery that should worry the Pope: it is the public silence of cardinals and bishops who, in the early days of his pontificate, missed no opportunity to cheer him on.

The silence is ominous because it comes amid suspicion that influential cardinals are plotting against Francis — motivated not by partisan malice, but by fear that the integrity and authority of the papacy is at stake.

To quote one Vatican employee, ‘Liberal or conservative, what most cardinals want is release from the endless fatigue created by Francis.’More.

Reality check:  It may have occurred to some of them that the Catholics who worry most about Francis running off at the mouth are the ones who attend mass, give, and volunteer. Oddly, Francis was holding forth on the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a solid theory and is the most widely accepted one. It also conforms with what we might expect our cosmos to be like if it is a divine creation, as we say. BUT the theory is far from incontestable. The Big Bang is best defended by specialists who can respond to abstruse objections in the literature.

Why must a Pope be an expert in everything? That alone would suggest to me that he is not doing what he should.

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