Why do so many French youngsters support Marine Le Pen?

I’m very sceptical of the idea that the younger generation are more conservative than their elders, and that this makes conservatism somehow cool, which it isn’t.

  • Jim ….
  • canminuteman

    Maybe it’s because it’s the younger generation who have to actually live with the much touted “benefits of multiculturalism” are smart enough to have picked up on the lie?

  • Clink9

    At some point this generation of bag lickers has to start rebelling against the media, government, teachers, and their deluded hippy parents.


  • simus1

    Marine Le Pen is not a political conservative within the Anglosphere concept of the word. She would be a closer match to the patriot -populists of Spain, Northern Italy, Eastern Europe, probably greatly assisted by not being a shopworn vote whore from the Union Of Corrupt French Thieving Pols.

    • Alain

      The mistake is assuming that all countries would have the same definition of conservatism as the Anglosphere. The French, and other latins, have favoured centralised big government with a big bureaucracy since the Roman times. I doubt that will change. However Marine is most certainly the closest to a political conservative that is possible in French culture.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Anymore, what the heck is a conservative?
    It was all a lie meant to divide and mislead us.

  • barryjr

    Youth these days aren’t more conservative, they’re desperate. They see open borders, allowing more job competition in, failed educational systems worrying about snowflakes and not training our youth, governments more concerned about foreigners than Canadians, and all of these are caused and upheld by the current middle aged fools ruling the country. I’m 56 and yes we have failed the youth. Our country is in worse shape than when we turned 20 and we allowed it to get there with our choices. The youth aren’t becoming more conservative they are just outright desperate and will support anybody that appears to support them by changing the system.

  • Will Quest
    • Alain

      An excellent ad on her part: basically the French equivalent of Trump. If Canada had such a person appealing to our history, traditions, national security and essentially our patriotism: the Left would shit themselves insane. Yet I suspect that someone appealing to pride of our nation and patriotism while providing solid examples would find favour with younger voters.