Trigglypuffed? Carleton University removed scale from gym so SJW’s wouldn’t be offended

Carleton University is feeling the burn from students on social media for removing a weight scale from its gym to promote a more holistic approach to a healthy body image.

The recent move isn’t sitting well with several students who are accusing the school of kowtowing to a small group of gym users who are easily offended.

“Next it will be the mirrors. #bringbackthescale,” wrote one Carleton student on Facebook, while another said online, “Are you for real, Carleton? What a sick joke.”

  • robins111

    I used to work close to Brock. Those scales were useless anyway. A truck scale would be a better option.

  • Having a proper weight for your height, is the most important thing one can do for their health.

    What about he rights of those who want to be healthy?

    • Ed

      So much for “science.”

    • Alain

      I imagine weight is like “gender” in that it can be whatever you say.

  • Dana Garcia

    This is like banning conservative speakers for whom attendance is voluntary. Nobody is forcing the big-boned students to actually use the scales.

  • Trigglypuff (aka Cora Miriam, Cora Segal or Cora Gales) sure has mad a name for herself.

    Something she can truly be proud of!

  • Malcolm Y

    You know, every time I see a supermodel I think there are real losers like Bill Maher & Sean Penn who can boink as many of them as they like.

    And I feel triggered to feel depression because I know I’ll never get to boink a supermodel.

    So I want no more pictures of supermodels ANYWHERE; DO ALL OF YOU UNDERSTAND?!

    • OK’)

    • J. C.

      How about we keep the supermodels and get rid of Maher and Penn??? 😉

    • Shebel


  • barryjr

    I’m totally disgusted. Is this what are hard earned tax dollars going to, keeping a bunch of self centred overly sensitive retarded piece of shit snowflakes from realizing that they are fuckups and causing their own problems. Every single employee of that daycare centre involved in the decision to remove the scales should be FIRED because they have proven they are incompetent fools, only there for a popularity contest and a pay cheque. University degrees these days just mean that you’re a whiny little leech that attended taxpayer funded daycare when most people were trying to be responsible adults. Whatever happened to universities being hotbeds of divergent views and spirited debate when now they are full of snowflakes that cry when they see an object and the nuclear powered snowflakes in positions of power that think they have to protect whiny assholes over the age of 6? Take all tax dollars from these adult day care centres and spend it on something useful.

  • Shebel

    If you are a fat ,over eating pig—-removing the scales won’t help .
    Everyone can still see you.

    You just don’t want to see Yourself.

  • reidjr

    Carleton has had some serious issue this year from question about the student election to there should be more seats on the union board for international students but one of the biggest issue is bill 103 was fully supported yet some very anti Israel posters were put up.