Muslim Terrorist Charity IRFAN Canada Fights To Remove ‘Terrorist Entity’ Label

(CN) — A charity that provides aid in the West Bank and Gaza has taken the Canadian government to court over its designation as a “terrorist entity,” for purportedly funneling money to Hamas.

The International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (Canada) and its general manager Rasem Abdel Majid claim in a judicial review application against the Attorney General of Canada that the Canadian government wrongfully refuses to delist the group as a terrorist entity.

Majid and IRFAN’s Feb. 24 complaint in the Federal Court of Canada was spurred by the country’s public safety minister’s denying their request in December 2016.

In April 2014 the Canadian government designated IRFAN-Canada as a “terrorist entity … on the ground of having alleged associational linkages to Hamas because of international assistance work in Gaza,” according to the complaint.