KATIE HOPKINS: Hands up if you’re worried about being mown down, blown up or axed to death by a white, right wing nutter (unless, of course, you’re the Home Office). Thought not.

One of the things that surprises me on an almost weekly basis, is how axe, machete, knife and bomb attacks against nationals across Europe are responded to by anti-terror squads even though they are not, apparently, terror.

We are categorically told: this was not a terror attack.

And as if to sugar-coat our daily dose of multiculturalism, we hear surprisingly quickly if the attacker came from anywhere that isn’t a mainly Muslim country.

  • Gary

    When a mosque is damaged with no witnesses or evidence for who did it….the Police are quick to assign blame to non-muslim racists and islamophobes , when a self-identifying muslims praises allah in arabic as they hack people to death and shot up a bar to say they support ISIS….the Police don’t have a motive and blame it on mental illness.

    Innocent until proven non-muslim.