Illegal border crossings a ‘crisis’ – union head

Anything for a buck. In this photo the RCMP is shown smuggling an entire family of soon to be welfare dependent illegal alien invaders into Canada from the United States – a nation in which they faced no danger or threat of any kind.

Illegal migrants crossing Canada’s borders are hopping off planes in New York and busing directly north, says the head of Canada’s border agents union.

“There is a trend right now,” said Jean-Pierre Fortin, national president of the Customs and Immigration Union. “People are leaving from different countries and flying into New York City and they’re taking a bus.”

The bus lets them off at the northern most part of their route in upstate New York, Fortin said. Then they take a cab right up to the border and walk over.

  • ontario john

    Gee, undocumented muslim aliens crossing the border. What could possibly go wrong?? Perhaps the RCMP can hand out weapons to them as they arrive. Its the Sunny Ways thing to do.

  • Dana Garcia

    Poor dears have to trudge through the snow?? Aren’t there direct flights from Syria or Turkey?

    • Justin is arranging that.

      • Dana Garcia

        Well phew, imagine my relief.

  • Goodbye Canada, nice knowing you. Soon it will be a province of Amerabia.

    • It is Justin’s dream for Canada.

    • Canada’s liberals are doing the same thing to Canada that the Euro libs have done for Western Europe.

      Liberal fantasy land.

    • Will Quest

      It is incumbent upon each and everyone of us to recognize the inalienable right to our country’s sovereignty, it is sacrosanct to our identity/culture/society….’full stop’…… It’s our inalienable right to screen & vet all immigrants crossing our borders . Why is it only a western fantasy that a country should not have enforceable borders ~!?!
      Would masses of Christian refugees escaping abject hatreds, persecution & massacre in Pakistan be allowed to cross unchallenged into Afghanistan …. Demanding sanctuary ……. not bloody likely…… Not just crossing a country’s borders illegally and en masse but vociferously demanding unconditional asylum with living benefits, demanding very public Judeo-Christian privileges from the Afghan state…. demanding Judeo-Christian values have a place front & center in the Afghan Islamic society & culture . Demanding the creation of blasphemy laws so as not to be offended when objections are made about very public & supremacist Judeo-Christian manifestations ….. Imagine the death curdling screams of indignation from the minarets in Afghanistan……… yes imagine the furor ….

      • Yes, the Western world has gone nuts (almost – but not all hope is lost yet).

  • reidjr

    The muslims mps are high fiving right now I bet saying the dream is coming true.

    • And laughing at PM Useful Idiot.

      • reidjr

        This is why I think he needs to be careful if we get thousands of muslims come in wanting sharia law etc the Liberals could say we have no use for you now and bring in a pro Islamic leader.

      • LairdKintyre

        It makes my blood boil just to think it. No doubt Trudeau would just think I’m a bigot.

  • disqusW6sf

    We need our own version of BNO Ship ka.

  • LairdKintyre

    Wow. And to think my forefathers 2 centuries ago sailed across the North Atlantic in wooden sail rigged ships. Only to land faced by nothing but First Nations people and trees.

    • Clink9

      Two of mine came here to escape Ireland in the 1800’s only to die around 48 years of age. Good times.

  • PaxCan

    They have to amend the Third Safe Country Agreement to include all points of entry and repeal the Singh decision; preferably repealing the Singh decision because the Third Safe Country Agreement exists as a band-aid solution to that hole in our border.

    Doing neither won’t solve this problem and anything else is just slapping bad-aids on top of band-aids.

  • Kellman Amos

    Very true that the RCMP is engaging in human trafficking by smuggling parasites over the border instead of letting the US Border Patrol pick them up. But if Canada isn’t willing to protect itself then let it suffer the consequences. Americans rose up and put the liberal traitors out of business and we are getting our country back. Canada should stop expecting the US to always pick up the slack for their apathy.

  • barryjr

    Where are the legal immigrants on this? My daughter married a guy from India 4 years ago and they have spent thousands added to effort to get her husband into Canada to no effect yet these criminals are aided by the fucking criminals in the RCMP and the government. Why are the human smugglers in the RCMP aiding these illegal aliens? Why is PM Fuckhead wasting Canadian time and money on these foreign invaders when it could be used on deserving Canadians not criminal aliens?

    • Tooth&Claw

      I work with many immigrants who came here the proper way. They are pissed off at this!

  • Shebel

    I am soooo happy.
    GAG, puke.
    I LOVE them More