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Trudeau Government Trying To Silence Opposition MPs

The proposed changes will restrict the amount of time opposition MPs can speak in Committee. This will let the government ram legislation through without as much discussion, and represents a big reduction in the speaking rights MPs have had throughout history. The Trudeau Liberals view letting MPs speak on issues as a “delay,” and want to limit that debate.

But if they’re trying to make parliament more “efficient” by silencing the opposition, it shows how far they are willing to go to expand their power. After all, there is a big difference between “efficiency” in a parliament, and “efficiency” in administering government. The government is suppsoed to be efficient in how it spends money and manages programs. But a parliament should feature debate and delays when bad legislation needs to be stopped, or at the very least brought to the attention of the public.

FINALLY! The Border-Sneaking Illegal Immigrant Video Game You’ve Been Waiting For

The art gallery at taxpayer-funded Lamar University in the southeast corner of Texas hosted an art installation last week consisting of a retro-style, stand-up-cabinet video game which offers players the opportunity to play as an illegal immigrant illegally sneaking across the border separating the United States and Mexico.

No new police station in Rinkeby – no one dares build it

The new station was suppose to open in the summer, but it will not, reports Swedish Television. In fact there have not been any bids to build it at all. Construction companies do not dare take the job because they are afraid of immigrant-related violence in Rinkeby.

Belgium’s New Deportation Law Raises Red Flag With Civil Rights Groups

Belgium’s Parliament has quietly passed legislation giving the government extraordinary powers to deport legal residents on the mere suspicion of engagement in terrorist activities, or for “presenting a risk” to public order or national security, without a criminal conviction or the involvement of a judge.

There is no scientific justification for a carbon tax

The target is not carbon, that is just one of many falsehoods. Carbon is a solid, and carbon dioxide a gas, yet, proponents of human-caused global warming (AGW) use them interchangeably.

They know people connect carbon with soot, hence the inappropriate phrase carbon pollution as they try to link CO2 with pollution. It is “newspeak” that George Orwell would appreciate.

Univision’s Ramos: The ‘Trump Effect’ Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants Away from Entering the US

And the other positive thing is that, I think, many Americans, many people who voted for Donald Trump, they really have to understand that there’s no invasion. No one is invading the United States. Mexicans aren’t invading the United States. The undocumented population has remained stable at about 11 million for the last decade. So those are the positive things.

Donor data reveals who’s winning the cash game in the Tory leadership race

Quebec MP Maxime Bernier is far out in front of the other Conservative leadership candidates when it comes to raising money in Manitoba but you might be surprised by who is in second place.

NJ parents reportedly outraged over 5th graders’ slave auction poster assignment

Parents at an elementary school in New Jersey are slamming a class assignment calling on fifth grade students to create slave auction posters that apparently ended up being hung in the school’s hallway without explanation.

ABC 7 described some of the posters. In one case, a poster listed the names of slaves up for auction. The poster listed a 12-year-old girl named “Anne,” who was described as “a fine housegirl.” Another poster read, “All slaves raised on the plantation of John Carter,” and specified that only cash is accepted.

Anti-feminism’ posters at American University investigated as a ‘hate crime’

Law enforcement personnel are searching for the person who hung up “anti-feminism” posters around American University’s campus late Tuesday evening.

The posters parody the recent International Women’s Day as “International Nags [sic] Day,” and include the meme “Stop talking and bitching woman on March 8 and make me a sandwich.”

Toronto imam says Muslims will eventually kill all Jews

Mursal noted that some scholars explain that the hadiths describe a scenario prophesied by Mohammad in which the Muslims will kill the Jews who will not be able to find a place to hide. However, he believes that the stones and the trees will in fact have the capability to speak and reveal the hideouts of the Jews.