Riot Police Move Against Naples Protestors From Nationalist Norther League

Police fired tear gas and water cannons against the protesters, who tossed bottles, rocks and Molotov cocktails their way.

The protesters were a violent offshoot of an otherwise peaceful march through Naples by people opposed to Matteo Salvini and his anti-euro, anti-immigrant movement.

  • ntt1

    we are seeing the result of a frustrated statist government and its supporters, nazism and fascism can only grow out of corrupted statist movements just as the democrats produced the KKK now they produce urban violence prone fascists.
    leftist always try to twist what conservatism means and infer that nazism is right wing it was not.. it was statist fascism.
    right wing is minimal government to the extreme of libertarianism. the apt flag is the coiled snake with don’t tread on me as meme

  • john700

    Hey, Breibart’s title for this story is deceptive. The violent protesters were leftist thugs who were AGAINST The Northern League.