Here comes Canada’s Golden Age of Prosperity for All!

You know we are constantly being told that if we stop illegal immigration we will hurt our economy horribly, that illegal immigration brings wealth and prosperity with it, how illegal immigrants do the jobs that American won’t do, pay taxes and add to the greatness and richness of America?

That being the case I guess Canada should be looking forward to a new Golden Age of prosperity!

  • Brett_McS

    Lucky! Immigration increases GDP, and help the migrants improve their lives, also. It’s win-win!

    Of course the GDP per capita may go down, and ordinary citizens who are not owners of large businesses, or academics, or bureaucrats or elite media types may be adversely affected, but that’s just in theory. I’ve never met any of those people. Do they even exist?

  • Med1

    Oh Canada, please do not drink THAT Kool Aid!!!

    • Waffle

      Too late.

  • Alain

    No, they don’t pay taxes unless it is the odd sales tax on something. They get free medical and schools for their children, so there is no up-side for illegals other than those who hire them.

  • huron

    just out side of montereal?

  • LairdKintyre

    My ancestors on all sides of my family have been in Novascotia roughly 200 years or more now. And me? I’m a obsessed geneology nut, beleive me, I recorded them all. My family tree is traced as far back as the records exist. All of them, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 ggnd, 16 2xggnd, 32 and so on. All but one of my 2x great grandparents were born in Novascotia. Long long history. And every one a Brit. My ancestors fought in every single war the British Colonies and later Canada was involved. They tilled the soil, farmed the Fields, mined the deeps, fished the sea, fought the battles, raised generation after generation. Built the towns. Canada would not be the place it is today without them and thousands and thousands of others of their age and caliber. Truly we will never see their likes again. All these Newcomers want is to reap all we have sown.