Germany rejects Merkel’s ‘safe countries’ proposals to deport North African migrants

The proposal would make it easier for Germany to deny asylum requests from migrants from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco on the grounds they are deemed safe in their own home countries.

But the embattled German Chancellor saw her plans put on ice, as opposition parties blocked the proposals over concerns the countries were not actually safe for migrants to return to.

And critics argue that even if Tunisia had been considered a “safe place of origin,” it would not have stopped the Berlin terror attack carried out by 24-year-old Tunisian suspect Anis Amri.

  • huron


    • chuck_2012

      merkel is the biggest fool of all..Germany will sink under the weight of these so-called refugees!

      • Alain

        I know but as unbelievable as it sounds there are others even worse: those opposing even this meek idea.

  • canminuteman

    They just can’t commit suicide fast enough.

    • huron

      If they want to suck the barrel of a gun i will not stand behind them

  • k1962

    Morocco is plenty safe!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I see this as God’s payback for the Holocaust.

  • Cat-astrophe

    If these countries aren’t safe to send them back to, why not???
    We better just go get all people who live there, whether they want to leave or not (sound like slave trading?) and bring them to our countries. How is it fair to leave ANYONE there???? Stupid stupid people are running our world, but who’s to stop them??? Elections?