Fox News Reporter Loudly Confronts Gateway Pundit Reporter In White House Briefing Room

A Fox News reporter trashed a Gateway Pundit reporter in the White House briefing room Friday, loudly telling everyone in the room the publication “hates” minorities including blacks, gays and Hispanics.

  • Alain

    So the claim by the progressives that Fox News is right-wing is false.

    • Watch Fox News in the afternoon — pretty much the same as CNN. There are plenty of Left-wing Fox reporters and pundits, but thankfully they tend to relegate them to afternoon hours — the “Soap Opera” slots.

  • Brett_McS

    First they ignore you (huh? what’s a ‘blogger’?),
    They they laugh at you (PJM took their name from this stage),
    Then they fight you (the current stage, moving quickly onto…),
    Then you win.

  • ellake

    well, I don’t know for certain what Tucker Carlson’s views are, but he is either conservative or close to it. So you can not say “Fox News is not right-wing”
    I also think that having his father/grandfather/cousin coming to USA because of Holocaust ( which Gateway Pundit guy mentioned) does not preclude his hating minorities.

    • Brett_McS

      Murdoch founded Fox to occupy the conservative ground that had been abandoned by the alphabet legacy media. As the legacy media continued to drift further leftward, Murdoch, following the same strategy, took the opportunity to grab some more vacated ground – the middle ground. So now Fox is no longer a purely conservative outlet. I don’t know if it is working for him, but that seems to have been the plan, and Murdoch is no dummy.

      • ellake

        OK. But with Gateway Pundit I am sometimes not sure, some of the things they write are too far out.

        • Brett_McS

          I haven’t read them for a long time, but I have heard the same comment (from conservatives); that Jim Hoft has flown the coop in some sense.

        • Concerned Canadian

          One may say the NYT and WP are too far out also. They are considered main stream so what is wrong with Gateway Pundit? You may not agree with them but so what.