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Protesters accuse Maryam Monsef of silence over culture of marital abuse and rape

The protesters slammed Monsef for her silence over explicit and repeated expressions of misogyny by Canadian religious leaders, including the imam of Peterborough mosque who said in a sermon that “the wife has always to respond to her husband’s call to bed (“to satisfy his desire”)… avoid suspicious behavior such as talking to other men, and to serve her husband.” The husband, according to Imam Shazim Khan, should take care of all his wife’s needs and to prevent his wife from having a job outside home unless there is necessity.

Muslim students thought to be most frequent users of Catholic university’s ‘reflection space’

Loyola Marymount University has opened a place for Muslim students to worship and pray on the Catholic campus.

While the room is named the “Community Reflection Space,” it remains unclear whether it’s actually used by any other religious or student groups on campus.

Cowardly Trudeau Is Only A Feminist In His Safe Spaces

Justin Trudeau likes saying things for votes. Remember those “small and temporary” budget deficits? How about “standing up for the middle class?” Or “helping our veterans?”

His words in those instances, and many more, turned out to be empty.

The same is true of Trudeau’s claim to be a feminist.

United Nations Report Concludes Canada is Failing to Protect Wood Buffalo National Park

Canada has failed to protect its largest World Heritage Site. A 10-day monitoring mission to Wood Buffalo National Park has resulted in a UN report strongly criticizing Canada. The park risks the embarrassment of joining the list of UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger.

Bill Clinton Warns Divisive Politics Are “Taking The World To The Edge Of Destruction”

In his first public appearance since his wife’s catastrophic loss in the presidential election, former President Bill Clinton appears to have gone off-script once again warning repeatedly against “us versus them” thinking that he said has become such an active part of politics in America, in the Brexit vote, in the Philippines and throughout Europe.

Connecticut High School Principal Denounces ‘Trump!’ Basketball Game Chant as ‘Hate Speech’

“We have a reputation as a welcoming community and these students crossed this line with their comments and have damaged our reputation,” the principal added.

The chant erupted during a game between Canton and the majority black and Hispanic Classical Magnet School of Hartford.

Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate posted online by his half-brother Malik

Thursday, Malik tweeted an image of what appears to be Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, with the message “Surely. What’s this?”.

Just in case you haven’t seen it – there’s no confirmation, so don’t take it as gospel quite yet. 😉

Critics Claim Mizzou Student Election Racist Because Winning Team is White

Mizzou student election proves racism and sexism because white man won, critics say

Their slates were both socially progressive and their campaign promises substantially similar.

But because the winning candidates in the University of Missouri’s student government elections were white – and one of them, male – the results prove the underlying racism and sexism of the student body, according to critics.

University pays Black Lives Matter activist to call Donald Trump names for ‘Unity Week’

Shaun King, a New York Daily News columnist with a reputation for mocking students who ask him tough questions, told a student audience that he has “written probably over 100 articles about Donald Trump and I follow his news very closely,” according to the conservative campus newspaper The Freedom Frog.

“I think he is terrible human being,” King said, adding later: “I think [Trump] is a disgusting person.”

Discrimination or a demand for a preferential treatment?

Sheikh Said Rageah, the imam and founder of Sakinah Community Center accuses the City of Toronto of passing “a discriminatory by-law”. On February 1, 2017, Rageah led a protest at City Hall with the attendance of hundreds of Scarborough’s Muslim community.

“The City of Toronto has passed a new by-law that will ban places of worship and religious schools from less expensive employment lands. This ban will make it impossible for existing places of worship or religious schools to expand or start,” he wrote on his Facebook page.