Nets Freak Out Over EPA Chief Questioning Climate Change Dogma

On Friday, correspondents on the network morning shows were beside themselves as they breathlessly reported on Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt voicing skepticism of the liberal dogma about man-made global warming. The hostile coverage even included a call on Pruitt to resign over the comments.

  • BillyHW

    Leftists always want conservatives to resign for being conservative.

    • Barbaracvillarreal

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  • Maggat

    Good for Pruitt, sounds as if his head is screwed on correctly, with right hand threads.

    • Uncommunist

      Acme too.

  • Clausewitz

    Warmists are just like Muslims. Question their religion and they freak out big time.

  • mauser 98

    the whacks are cornered..they hung their hats on Co2 rise preceeding temperature rise is the basis of the scam
    data fraud like holding a beachball underwater
    rapid temp changes occur often without SUV’s