It’s no R2D2, but Knightscope’s crime-fighting robots aid police

“Long-term, our ultimate goal is to be able to predict and prevent crime,” he said, by analyzing past data with real-time, on-site information collected by the robots. “Then maybe we have the ability to put the robots into a patrol state where they are hitting those hotspots.”

  • moraywatson

    A chicken in every pot. A Robocop in every mosque.

  • Art Deco

    Those are Daleks from Dr. Who.

  • andycanuck

    Note to self: change house architecture so climbing steps required for entrance into house.

  • Dis

    Daleks can easily handle steps now, and all these Dalek units (their term for themselves) are from the story that first showed how; Remembrance of the Daleks. It was actually about time too, as they used antigravity in the very first story, and they’re brilliant technicians, so installing antigravity technology into their casings was a logical step.
    Daleks will also stop crime, permanently!!! But when they finish, there’ll be only Daleks left!!! A small price to pay for order, peace and quiet…!

  • Watchman

    Spawning a future lucrative market: stolen security robots to be sent overseas and sold like expensive stolen cars are currently.