Behind Central Europe’s growing contempt for the EU

The European Union had, for most of the years since the late 1980s, seen itself as the hope of the world. Self-serving as the view was, it had some basis in reality.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why must this be an issue at all. Russia’s largest customer is the EU. They have no strategic reason to upset that. Russia’s designs on Crimea and Eastern Ukraine have nothing to do with the EU. They are grounded in 300 years of Russification of Ukraine. Ukraine is not an EU state and likely never will be. Neither will Belarus. But if Russia appears to have designs on, say, the Baltics, it’s only going to be in response to some domestic uprising IN Russia that pushes Putin to raise the flag of national Russian nationalist ire. Moreover, not only is the EU and NATO never going to war for the Ukraine, Belarus or Georgia, they may not go to war for Latvia either, not unless Russia plainly signals they’ll invade Finland as well.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      These countries were all part of the Russian empire under the czars.

      • Hard Little Machine

        On and off for the last few hundred years in the age of geographic buffers between and among empires.

    • ellake

      Right, right. Baltic states have large Russian minority and these minority sometimes make trouble. Russia is making use of that minority.
      Russia is not our/EU friend, in some things it is our ally. But ally is not a friend. As for strategic reasons…..I do not want to go “Hitler” but if you give someone a finger he will take your whole hand. It is as simple as that.
      Now this article in Reuters is ……propagandist. For example they are saying that Poland is getting financial aid from EU, but right now the money Poland pays back to EU is greater than the aid it is receiving from EU.
      The EU contempt for the people can be seen in electing Tusk as a leader of European Council. Poland objected to his election because he is not Poland representative But hey, EU guys wanted to have him elected so when he will make mistakes they will say “he is a guy from Poland and it is Poland fault” In reality Tusk is Merkel person.
      In Poland up till now, many people still supported EU, right now this number is got much lower.

      • jayme

        Yes, it was propaganda, but what does one expect from Reuters? The message that they tried to convey was, Eastern European states – stupid, backward; Western European states – smart, progressive. Little mention of the mess the EU’s policies – such as mass Muslim immigration – has made of western Europe: all is hunky dory there, apparently, except for a few “right wing” extremist groups.

      • canminuteman

        You are right about a big chunk of the problem being cause by ethnic Russian minorities in all these places that used to be the Russian empire. It is a perfect illistration of the problems that Canada has in its future. I can easily see a day when China gets overtly involved in Canadian politics (they already do covertly) because they need to protect the Chinese communities in Vancouver and Markham. Just because our government looks at ll these people as being Canadian doesn’t mean that China does.

        People created governments to rule people. Now we have governments that rule geographic areas. Geographic areas used to align with people, When that stops being the case, people will go back to creating governments to rule people based on ethnicity like has been the case for most of human history.

        • Mutually hostile culturally incompatible ethnic enclaves batting for territory are our strength.

          • Alain

            I gather you are talking about Canada?