‘They think they can get an AK and get forgiven by God at the same time’

Scores of British Muslims are joining ISIS because they think they can ‘get an AK and get forgiven by God at the same time.’

The startling revelation is made by two young Muslim men, best friends Waseem Iqbal and Naveed Ahmed, on tonight’s episode of Channel 4’s Extremely British Muslims.

Many recruits come from a life of crime and see Islamic extremism as a chance to regain status and feel a sense of belonging, claims Waseem.

  • Ed

    Islam gives muslims a justification for their total lack of achievement over the past centuries. They cloak their backwardness in pious religiosity and pronounce it superior.

    (But deep down they know)

  • stubb

    This is hardly unique to Britain. The genius of Islam has always been that it is the only religion that allows you to engage in the most depraved and evil behavior while simultaneously giving you that good, holy feeling that is associated with virtue. It is the religion of criminals and scumbags.

  • tom_billesley

    If this carries on, the UK will have a shortage of car thieves and drug dealers.

  • tom_billesley

    Hodge Hill, Washwood Heath and Bordesley Green are in the parliamentary constituency of Labour Party MP Liam Byrne, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, who on leaving office when the Labour government fell in 2010, left the infamous note to his successor
    “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam.”

  • Tooth&Claw

    Islam is a parasite on the body of humanity.