Palestinians: Fake News and “Alternative Facts”

One after another, young Palestinians continue to carry out terrorist attacks against Jews. Why? We might start at the beginning: the campaign of incitement, indoctrination and lies that Palestinian media outlets wage against Israel. This campaign has poisoned the hearts and minds of millions of Arabs and Muslims. It ought to be no surprise, then, when the poisoned Palestinian youths grab a weapon and set out to do the death-work they are taught to cherish.

The anti-Israel incitement can even be quite subtle. Those injecting the venom do not always issue a direct call for Palestinians to go out and kill Jews. It is enough, for example, to tell Palestinians that Jews are “defiling with their filthy feet” Islamic holy sites, to drive a Palestinian to go out and stab a Jew.

  • Oracle9

    The Caananites threw sacrificial children into their fires. That was evil.

    That a society incites its children, sends them out into the world to murder others – that’s another level of evil altogether. Fully supported by progressives, as far as I can see.

  • WalterBannon

    hey, well I am ready to nuke every muslim country

  • From the article:

    “Where is the international community’s exposure of the lies that fuel the Palestinian murder of Jews?”

    The same place it gets its “facts” from.

  • bob e

    it was confirmed the Pali butchers got the hundreds of millions of $
    Barry O’fraud sent them before he left ..