Muslims Call for Marriage to Christian Women to ‘Strengthen’ Islam in Spain

Hundreds of posters displayed in a migrant-dominated part of Barcelona are urging Muslim men to marry Spanish women in a bid to spread Islam, and inviting members of the community to an “information meeting”.

The posters, which are derogatory about Christians but call on ‘Brothers’ to marry women of the religion to “strengthen” Islam, have been plastered through the neighbourhood of El Raval. Official data collected in 2014 found that 56.7 per cent of residents in El Raval were born abroad.

  • When they say ‘marry’, they mean ‘rape, beat up, exploit’.

  • BillyHW

    And you just know our ladies will eat this up.

    Jungle Fever and Stockholm Syndrome are not okay, you Judas-cunts.

    • Brenda

      They’re not “our” ladies – they belong to themselves, are free agents and decide for themselves how they wish to act. If they are foolish enough to fall for a Muslim, then they will suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, all of society will as well.

      • WalterBannon

        You are both right, they are neither “ours” nor are they “ladies”

      • John

        Well said.

      • Will Quest

        Meanwhile back at the ranch , Muslimahs are forbidden to marry out of the faith . Muslim females, the wombs of I-Slam, face deadly persecution if they marry a kuffar ….

  • Starlord

    Have to be a sandshark, can’t find anyone else to go that way.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Ladies of Spain, may I recommend you marry, either as the first, second, third, or fourth wife, one of these happy-go-lucky swingin’ chaps:

  • tom_billesley

    They only exhort muslim men to marry kuffar women. How non-inclusive.

  • ontario john

    What, no goats in Spain?

  • DMB

    Even Muslims can’t even comprehend the difference between race and religion. Islam in this case is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.