Muslim House Staffers In Security Probe Allegedly Kept Stepmom In ‘Captivity’ To Access Offshore Cash

Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired Muslim IT staffers… what could possibly go wrong?

Days before U.S. Capitol Police told House members that three Pakistani brothers who ran their computer networks may have stolen congressional data, their stepmother called Fairfax County, Virginia police to say the Democratic staffers were keeping her from her husband’s deathbed. A relative described her situation as being held in captivity for months while the brothers schemed to take their father’s life insurance and other assets.

The brothers — who as IT professionals for Congress could read House members’ emails — allegedly used wiretapping devices on their own stepmother and threatened to abduct loved ones in Pakistan if she didn’t give them access to money stowed away in that country.

  • Clink9

    It appears the Democratic Party has a poor dental plan.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Her district includes the richest and sleaziest segment of Miami beach that is home to some of the murkiest international bad guys in America.

  • Editor

    Hey, leftists, tell me about cultural relativism again.

    • Will Quest

      The progressive credo ….. to cuddle the dredge of the world and pull them , still reeking of sewage, to 1st world positions …

  • Starlord

    How any Pakistanis are born from 1st cousin marriages? Just asking for a friend. Might explain all there fuckedupness

  • Uncommunist

    The article could have been covered with a simple headline :
    Dyed-in-the-Wool Democrats Up to Their Old Tricks Again

  • V10_Rob

    Funny how this security breech gets no media attention…

  • simus1

    She crazy.