Gas-and-dash accused could be out in 50 days

No ribbons, no marker, no picture, no nothing.

There’s nothing inside or outside of the Mississauga Petro Canada gas station to mark his death that came about as a result of trying to protect it from being robbed.

It was like Hashem Atifeh Rad didn’t exist at all.

But he did.

It’s like his death – at the young age of just 62 – over a $75 gas-and-dash did not happen.

But it did.

Time has marched on since May 19, 2011. And in about 50 days, Abdullahi Mohamoud, 27, could very well have done his time.

  • ontario john

    It would be Islamophobic to keep him in any longer.

  • Uncommunist

    Just another multicultural event ?

  • In his culture it is legal to steal from and murder infidels. mohamed, the founder of islam did it, so muslims believe it is OK to do as well.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You cant lock up a muzzie even if it was one of his own, that was just a mistake.

  • Shebel

    Why is even in jail?

  • Frances

    But don’t forget Maryam Rashidi, killed in a gas-and-dash in Calgary in June, 2015. Cody Mitchell was charged in that incident. His trial is set for April of this year.