What Is Huma Up To—And Why Should We Care?

The gossip sphere was atwitter recently when Huma Abedin, the estranged wife of scandal-scarred Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidante, met for lunch with Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

  • Ed

    “Huma and Hillary are inseparable again, joined at the hip,” says a source close to the Clintons…”

    They don’t mean if figuratively, folks…

  • Shebel

    I have a more important problem than some fucking Politician.
    My Neighbour , best neighbour ever, one helluva fried was found -dead as a door nail a week ago. Yadayyadaya—
    I noticed his cat ,yesterday,–running from my driveway–across to his.
    His house still has tenants– they are pretty good.
    One has taken the kitten -cat with the long tail.
    The old cat never comes to my place except to have her kittens.
    There are roughly 8000 cars that go by my place every day.
    I love cats. The wife hates them.

    I am thinking about shooting the poor pussy. Should I ?
    Been a long time .

    In the long run—it the kindest thing to do.

    • deplorabledave

      Take the cat home and love it.

    • ntt1

      A cat is a cat , it will find somebody with the right vibe and just take over. cats are survivors, if you don’t worry about encouraging racoons you might put out some dry food and water but I am confident the old cat has things in hand(paw)

  • If I were Huma I’d be a bit wary of the Arkancide deal. Think of old Vince Foster he was close to Hillary too- widely rumored paramour who was also presumed to have joined hips with that harridan. Vince was kept close – that is until he ended up on a park bench with a hole in his head…

    • ntt1

      funny that, on a park bench in the middle of a grassy park ,no grass stains on his clean soles and the hole was in the top of his head, suicide for sure..