‘Useful idiots’ line up to support M-103

The term “useful idiot” has been attributed to the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who toppled the czar in October, 1917.

Lenin’s exact word in Russian was “simpleton” to describe people in the West who served his purpose, but were neither truly aware of who was using them, nor the cause they served.

On Sunday, a blatant exhibition of “useful idiots” was on display at Toronto City Hall.

  • reidjr

    So let me gets this right on one hand we have the fat left whites who seem to love islam on the other hand we have muslim who don’t support this bill does this not seem abit off to anyone.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      As it turns out, those few rare Muslim voices are a small minority of Muslims living in Canada, and they are furthermore brave enough to speak out to fellow Muslims and Leftist Canadians, i.e. the rank and file United Church anti-Israel gang (for lack of a better description).

      As for Tarek Fatah, he is a lone voice in the wilderness, or almost alone for all intents and purposes.

      • k1992

        I can only imagine how that feels to the few like Fatah who flee an intolerant, violent, unfree Islamic society for the freedoms of a secular society – only to see that Western society beginning to abandon freedom and begin to embrace the very strictures and culture that had made his or her original nation so unbearable.

        Many of the rest of us have not known what it is like to live under the violent oppression of an Islamic government and culture. Which is a blessing, of course, but also a curse, in that we don’t truly understand what is coming. But Tarek Fatah, Sandra Solomon and others like them, know very well what is coming. And, I presume, are therefore very afraid.

        • Alain

          Those who risked their life to escape a totalitarian communist country feel much the same when they witness what promised to be freedom moving towards the same thing from which they fled.

        • Anna from Ontario

          I lived in socialist paradise for many years. I came to this country for freedom of expression. I have hard time to understand why Canadians would like to follow sharia law and be ensclaved one day by muslims. Wandering what they think about white people in Europe and here. I’m pretty sure they think we are more than stupid to allow to destroy our civilization. Do you think your grandchildren will be treated well by muslims? Useful idiots ie plebs, bought politicians. Elite thinks ” they will be safe. Maybe now till muslims need them. After they will have same end as everybody else. Our western civilization will be overrided by savage islam. Wandering we have so many stupid sheep here.

          • Anna from Ontario

            Canadians should start to think and to act! IN 60 years or so Canada will have few European Canadians left. I can only imagine: no free speech, burka and no rights for women. total opression! and having muslims as our masters ! Forget about practise your religion. You will see destroyed churches / converted to mosques. they will have no respect for our western culture, tradition and so on. Lucky to be alive or better to be dead.

    • Not to Justin!

  • mobuyus

    We have government in Canada by useful idiots.

    • Liberal Progressive

      If you don’t support Sharia Law in Canada then you’re an Islamophobe!

      • mobuyus

        Don’t get me wrong I’m all for islamic immersion in Canada. I just don’t think they’re holding them under long enough.

        • JoKeR

          I had the police warn me to stop drowning my sorrows; As they always was ashore!

          • mobuyus

            That’s how the navy does their laundry. They toss it overboard and it gets washed ashore.

  • bargogx1

    He said most media did not report on this. Did any at all?

  • Gary

    Islamofascists know there is a great quarry of useful-idiots among Liberals .