The Democrats’ ‘Red Scare’ Narrative Is Over

David Ignatius should keep up with The Narrative. In his column today, he speaks ominously of Donald Trump’s “growing difficulty in the Russia investigation.”

This is of a piece with several other Red Scare pieces by Ignatius and other anti-Trump Democrats with bylines. A couple of weeks ago, responding to Trump’s declaration that the whole Russian Dressing meme was a “ruse,” Ignatius wheeled into print insisting that, no, “Russia’s Global Hacking Efforts Are Far from a ‘Ruse’.” Quoting France’s ambassador to Washington, Ignatius speculated that, “if unchecked,” Russia’ disinformation efforts, in which Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was “perhaps” a “tool,” “could pose an ‘existential threat’ to Western democracy.”

  • deplorabledave

    President Donald Trump is the best hope for the North American Continent. I love this man.

    • Hell of a lot better than that Muslim Obama.

      • deplorabledave

        I trust you don’t think i was being disingenuous.

    • mauser 98

      the Western world

  • BillyHW

    The whole Russia scam was to distract us from the despicable and criminal and perverse Democrats. The mainstream media marching to Clinton orders. The Deep State is the enemy of the American people. These scum-sucking traitors to the Constitution must be fumigated.

  • So I wonder what the next new hoax is gonna be? “Global Warming” as the biggest worldwide threat pretty much petered out, to be immediately replaced by the fake “Russia” threat, which has likewise been debunked. The fascist Left is usually ahead of the game in coming up with new false narratives and I’m wondering if they’re running out of steam — nothing new on the horizon yet?

  • andycanuck

    BTW, most of the newspaper-reading public won’t understand the significance of you having bolded ‘if’, ‘perhaps’, and ‘could’, BCF. (Just as most can’t differentiate between ‘most’, ‘many’, ‘some’, a ‘plurality’, and a ‘majority’ in my experience.)

  • Uncommunist

    Ignatius is the same kind of ahole that shows up to a party with day old donuts … that are three days old.

    • Clink9

      And not even have the common courtesy of giving a reach around.

  • Gary

    It’s so funny to see Democrats and the media spend the last 4 months claiming that there were 3 Investigations into Trump’s Russian links and the hacking to rig the Election. But now that Trump is alleging that Obama knew about the wiretapping of his Trump Tower phone line……the same people are now acting dumb and say there isn’t any investigation going on to add Obama’s wiretapping claims to them .

    How quickly they changed the story once Trump tied Obama to the Russian ties .
    They are running out a faux scandals .