Principal after rape: All three are victims

Two teenage boys who raped a girl remain at the school, while the girl must be taught elsewhere. All three are victims, says the Principal, who did not provide any information to parents that two rapists were among their children – “it would have raised a concern.”

  • Ed

    “…But yes, it’s hard to say what is right and what is wrong in this situation…”

    No. It’s not hard.

    • jayme

      Progressives don’t believe in (objective) right and wrong. Therefore, as Dostoyevsky and others have noted, anything goes. Heck, it makes just as much (or little) sense from their warped “moral” perspective to reward the boys’ behaviour and punish the girl’s, as it would to do the reverse. Our societies are hopelessly adrift, having lost any real moral compass to find their way.

  • G


  • Chris

    Yet another concrete example that the education systems in North America do not care a whit for the children entrusted to them. The teachers unions have erased any semblance of honour that the profession used to have in order to worship socialism and ‘change’ (and of course the all mighty dollar’.

    • Frances

      This was in Sweden but – yes – you are correct about the teachers’ unions main concerns.

      • Chris

        A bit of a slip there. Thanks for catching that.

  • bargogx1