Leitch’s questions are just like Denmark’s

That alt-right scoundrel Kellie Leitch is at it again! Did you hear the news?

The other day the Conservative leadership candidate dragged her knuckles even further along the floor by proposing we tell prospective immigrants the following rules, that “both the man and the woman must consent to marriage,” that “it is illegal to force people into a marriage” and that “beating your spouse and your children is forbidden.”

What an intolerable bigot! Let’s drive her out of kumbaya Canada! Oh, wait. My bad. I have several screens open on my computer at the same time and got confused. These aren’t Leitch’s proposals after all.

  • tom_billesley

    “Discover Canada” citizenship test study guide – “Canada’s diversity includes gay and lesbian Canadians.”
    Giving that to a muslim invader is like informing paedophiles that Canada’s diversity includes children. A target rich environment.

  • FactsWillOut

    I’m leaning towards Bernier. He’s the only one reaching out to gun owners.

    • Abu Nudnik

      I like Leitch, Lemieux, Scheer, and Bernier. But I’m worried about O’Leary. I doubt he has many 2nd choice votes coming from… whom? Chong? That’s not a lot of votes. Unsure how to mark the ballot to keep David Orchard’s ghost’s return.

  • ontario john

    What!! Muslim men can’t beat their wives! That’s Islamophobic. Leitch is Hitler!!

  • Abu Nudnik

    She should say “values consistent with and not opposed to Canadian values” rather than “sharing.” You come from somewhere else, you’re not gonna be a Canadian with Canadian values. But consistent with, copacetic, harmonious with… yeah.

  • FactsWillOut

    She should say “A moratorium on all immigration.” and “Significantly ramping up military spending, opting out of the NPA and starting a domestic nuclear weapon program”, and “A Constitutional analysis of bill C-68 and the administrative states illegal usurpation of power by legislating from the holster”, and…

  • ontario john

    This is what happens when you let a person with limited education and work experience run for the leadership of a political party….oh wait, that’s Trudeau not Leitch.

  • FactsWillOut

    The whole “questionnaire” idea is such a red herring that I can’t believe anybody will fall for it. Same goes for stupid little pamphlets.

  • Editor

    It almost doesn’t matter to me what she says, she came off so fake, unsure and uncommitted to anything in the video her campaign posted last week, she looked like she was reading from a script and a bad one at that. No passion, no conviction, not even well acted fake passion. Which could still be useful for a politician.

    She probably has a youngish team of social media “experts” that have convinced her a social media “hot button” campaign is the way of the future using words like trending, hashtag and viral. Bottom line, I just don’t trust her.

    • andycanuck

      B.C. conservative activist Dean Skoreyko has said that in the past too about her being a CINO. I’ve forgotten what Red Tory views he attributed to her though.

  • Culture matters.

    When beer stores close, THEN people will be out in the streets.

    • Tooth&Claw

      You can afford beer?