I knew they had killed everyone who wasn’t a Muslim. So I had to pretend to be a Muslim to survive.”

How two Yazidi teenagers were captured by so-called Islamic State and trained to kill

Lovant and Sabbah were just 16 and 14 when they were forced to fire bullets into the dead bodies of men executed for being traitors by so-called Islamic State.

This was target practice – just one part of the daily rounds of weapons training they endured at a military camp for youngsters.

  • PaulW

    “But why would so-called Islamic State co-opt Yazidi boys?” Possibly because ISIS’ adherents mean what they say when they pledge to follow an ideology that states that non-Muslims must either 1) pay jizya (an option open only to Christians and Jews) 2) convert or 3) be murdered. That’s it. It’s really not that complicated; however, the geniuses analysing ISIS’ motivations never seem to consider that ISIS is simply following Islamic teaching, just as they claim to be doing.

  • Trudeau’s response to this: parkas.

    • Frances

      And no entry into Canada.