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Canada ranks second best country in world

Canada came close to being crowned the best country in the world.

Switzerland, however, took that top spot, leaving Canada in second place on the 2017 Best Countries report.

The 6 biggest spying secrets revealed by the release of ‘Vault 7’

The massive set of documents – over 8,000 pages in all – include a host of hacking secrets that could embarrass intelligence agencies and the US government, as well as undermining spying efforts across the world.

Only Crimes in Russia Scandal Are from ‘Obama Gang’

Breitbart News spoke exclusively to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who said, “We’ve been looking into this story for months now and the only crimes connected to this Russian scandal we’ve been able to find so far are the illegal leaks of information and the violations of privacy by the Obama gang.”

Liberal Utopia Sweden Sees HUGE Bump In Molestation in 2016. Guess Why…

Sweden is mostly famous for Volvos, ABBA, and crappy furniture. Seriously, putting together a desk from IKEA is like assembling a rocket ship. But hey, at least it has the durability of a cardboard box. Lucky you.

But in recent times, the Swedes have become known for something else… the raping. Lots of it. In fact, the Swedish can now take pride in being called the rape capital of the west.

Two Jewish community centres in Ontario evacuated after receiving robo-called bomb threats

In Toronto, toddlers and young children attending a daycare at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in the downtown core were evacuated after the centre’s school received a robo-call of a bomb threat shortly after 10 a.m. At almost the same time, the Jewish Community Centre of London, Ontario, received an identical threat — the second time that centre has been threatened in two months, according to the The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

50 youths held in France for ‘throwing stones at police cars and setting fires’

Fifty young people have been detained in France for allegedly throwing stones at police cars, setting fires and lobbing smoke bombs into a school, the prosecutor’s office for the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis said.

Trump’s Executive Order Mandates Government Reports on Honor Killings Committed by Migrants

This lets the government “be more transparent with the American people and to implement more effectively policies and practices that serve the national interest,” the order states. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions must work together to provide the public with a report on foreign nationals charged with and convicted of terrorism-related offenses, including those who associate with or provide support to terrorist organizations.

Youths from ethnic minorities could get softer sentences

Young offenders from black or ethnic minority backgrounds could be given lighter punishments under new sentencing guidelines.

Judges will be told to consider the ‘discrimination and negative experiences of authority’ they may have suffered.

Clinton Campaign Staffers Now Driving Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ Organization

The Women’s March on Washington originated as an inauguration weekend protest against the Trump administration. Since then, however, Women’s March has continued organizing against President Trump, mobilizing opposition against his cabinet nominees and executive orders on immigration.

RED MENACE: Trudeau Liberals Getting Ready To Blame Russia As Their Support Falls

It’s interesting to see a political party so clearly telegraph their upcoming strategy, and it’s especially odd to see them be so brazen about it.