Canada’s New Blasphemy Laws

A resolution, M-103, seeking to condemn so-called “Islamophobia,” was introduced a few weeks ago in the peaceful country of Canada by Liberal Party MP Iqra Khalid in the House of Commons, sparking a controversy.

A similar motion, labelled M-37, was later tabled in the Ontario provincial legislature by MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers on February 23, 2017, and was passed by the provincial parliament.

M-37, like its predecessor, demanded that lawmakers condemn “all forms of Islamophobia” and reaffirm “support for government efforts, through the Anti-Racism Directorate, to address and prevent systemic racism across government policy, programs and services”.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Re: M-103, here is a fantastic article, now a little dated (2012) by Salim Mansur, in defense of the freedom of speech. (Too bad he isn’t writing lately in the media, at least not that I know of.)

    Re: Ezra Levant’s ‘Shakedown’ (2009), he desperately needs to specifically address M-103 and M-37 in a sequel. This review by Rex Murphy was spot on and every concerned Canadian needs to protest and protest the encroaching censorship and sharia creep:

  • Tooth&Claw

    When Muslims are a race, then we’ll talk.

    • moraywatson

      The Ontario government has already decided that islam IS a race.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I’d like to see them try to prove it.

        • moraywatson

          See my post below. They already have.

          • Tooth&Claw

            They haven’t. They won’t until it comes into a court in the form of a challenge.
            They can write all the legislation they wish. They can try to brainwash children. Doesn’t mean it’ll work.

    • Sid Falco

      A race to the bottom

  • Dana Garcia

    A phobia is an unreasonable fear.

    Islamo-realism is a fear (or suspicion) based on history, current events and Islam’s murder manual the koran.

  • People need to review the motion once more. A database could be set up to record every post, letter to the editor and tweet:

    (ii) collect data to contextualize hate crime reports and to conduct needs assessments for impacted communities …

    • mobuyus

      This is an Industry in it’s infancy and will provide excellent life-long paying jobs and retirement benefits for liberals and progressives for many years to come. It may also produce a new ministry within government, staffed by muslims for muslims. What’s not to like. With the “new green economy” experiencing birthing difficulties these new employment oppurtunities for liberal friends and family should produce a trickle down effect giving employment and hope to some of their browner mascots.

      • And it won’t stop with Islamism.

        Soon, any criticism of the morally and emotionally retarded government will just cease to exist.

      • moraywatson

        Take a look at the job description, qualifications and pay scale for new hires at the Anti-Racism Directorate. The Snowflake jobs being created in Ontario’s government are surreal.

        • mobuyus

          This is obscene.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Yeah, “contextualize” in Iqra’s mind means “subjectively interpret data to fit my preconceived notions about Canadians’ rampant and seemingly incurable Islamophobia”.

      This Iqra should leave politics.

      • Should but won’t.

      • moraywatson

        Have you noticed that there is NOBODY trying to argue that Christianity is a ‘race’. Curious that? Of course, the reason Christianity is not a race, is because you can choose of your own free will whether to be a Christian or not. This of course does not apply to islam. The sharia law punishments for apostasy are REAL, and they are implicitly understood by ALL muslims. I’d be willing to accept that muslims are a race (to the extent that totalitarianism makes those who submit a race), but only if we give up the pretense that islam is a ‘religion’.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Neither Judaism (not that you mentioned it), Christianity, or Islam are races. While all three religious groups may certainly/definitely contain identifiable groups of people with ‘racial characteristics’, the plain fact of the matter is that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are religious systems, ideologies, and all three have members of many different races.

  • John

    Islamophobia runs deep and is ‘systemic’…

    Le Journal de Montréal’s Richard Martineau, a sensible, likeable, middle of the road journo with wife and two daughters, was recently accused by the french arm of CBC of being islamophobic. In an interview on Québec’s LCN network he stated that the CBC had come to this conclusion after reading the MA thesis of some clueless étudiante at UQAM. The student counted the number of times over the past three years that martinau had used terms like ‘veil’ and ‘Barbu’ ( bearded) in his articles, and finding the frequency far too high for her delicate tastes ( math is hard sez Barbie!) concluded that Martineau was therefore a racist, anti-muslim bigot.

    Fortunately, like English Canadians, French Canadians don’t watch much CBC.

  • moraywatson


    Islamophobia was defined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Sep 17, 2015 on p 14 of its ‘Policy on preventing discrimination based on creed’.

    As follows: ‘lslamophobia includes racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general. In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling. Islamophobia can lead to viewing and treating Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level.’

    This definition was adopted verbatim YESTERDAY with the Mar 7th release by the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate of its ‘3Yr Plan’. The ‘Terminology’ section of that plan has an extensive list of social justice definitions that must be read to appreciate their nefarious scope. There are five definitions alone devoted to: race, racialization, racial equity, racialized and racism.

    The Anti-Racism Directorate was commissioned by the mandate of Kathleen Wynne in Feb 2016 and while originally having apparently nothing to do with islamic issues, began conflating islam with ‘race’ beginning with a July 13, 2016 Bulletin:

    This conflation of islam with race dovetails with the aforementioned OHRC 2015 ‘Policy on preventing discrimination based on creed’. One of the main objectives of that Policy is the use of social justice ‘arguments’ for treating islam as a race, rather than as a creed. And why? Because ‘creed’ is not defined in the Ontario Human Rights Act, and may or may not extend to members of political ideologies. The thrust, or effect, seems to be that if islam is a race then it would no longer be defensible to discriminate against muslim adherents because of their politics.

    The Ontario Legislature used Private Members Motion 37 on Feb 23, 2017 to achieve two things. First it got the legislature to vote on and condone the OHRC dogma that islamophobia is racism, and therefore that islam is a race. Secondly, it ‘reaffirmed its support for government’s efforts, through the Anti-Racism Directorate, to address and prevent systemic racism across government policy, programs and services, and increase anti-racism education and awareness, including islamophobia, in all parts of the province.’

    The ‘education and awareness’ portion of that reaffirmed support was included in the Anti-Racism Directorate’s 3Yr Plan. Its objective and action plan are as follows:

    ‘Public education for students on Islamophobia: Working with the Ministry of Education and school boards, we will strengthen and promote educational resources for K–12 students, which aim to mitigate and prevent Islamophobic behaviour.’


    ‘The Ministry of Education is funding resources, including training for teachers on Islamophobia to help teachers discuss geopolitical events, negative media narratives, and general stereotypes with their students. This project will be led by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and include 20 half-day workshops for teachers, including presentations, webinars and print materials.’

    In other words, via the Ministry of Education the National Council of Canadian Muslims (nee CAIR-Can) is going to be informing our teachers on what is acceptable to say about islam to the school children of Ontario !!!

    WHO IS GOING TO BE PROVIDING OVERSIGHT ON THE CONTENT OF WORKSHOPS PUT TOGETHER BY A POLITICAL ADVOCACY GROUP FOR MUSLIMS? Who will be able to voice opposition, critique or concern without being silenced as an ISLAMOPHOBE/RACIST by the agencies of Government in the form of the OHRC backed up by the Anti-Racism Directorate and the Ministry of Education ???

    The orchestration of this Orwellian nightmare is on full display in this Feb 16, 2017 Memorandum issued by the Deputy Minister of Education to Directors of Education titled ‘Resources for Teachers -Anti-Racism and Islamophobia’

    Our government in Ontario is obsessed with social justice. We have to bring this sickness to a stop.

    • Tooth&Claw

      How does this not infringe on freedom of association?
      I’m not partial to hanging around alcoholics/drug abusers communists and criminals. Are they protected from my willful non association as well?

      • mobuyus

        They soon very well may be if the liberals feel they need their vote.

    • mobuyus

      This is sinister and must be treated as such.

      • moraywatson

        Absolutely. I met with my MPP in his constituency office March 3rd regarding Motion 37. He does not believe islam is a race, but supported the motion regardless. I have emailed him the posting I made above, and await his comments.

    • marty_p

      The Toronto Star (and Crescent) published an article today detailing the Ontario Govt unveiling their 3 year plan to battle racism:

      I filed a complaint with the Star’s Public Editor requesting the publication of a clarification related to the article (here’s a copy of the body of my emailed request for clarification:

      Page 2 article in Wed March 8 A Section – also on your web site:

      Tuesday’s threats come on the heels of several other, troubling events: the Quebec City mosque shooting in January; last week’s bomb threat against Muslim students at Concordia University….

      I draw your attention to the fact that the individual who allegedly made the bomb threat has been identified and charged:

      He is named as Hisham Saadi, 47, who has been charged with carrying out a terror hoax, uttering threats and mischief in connection with a bomb threat that targeted Muslim students at Concordia University on March 1. (SPVM)

      A simple Google search of the origin of the family name “Saadi” provides the following:

      They claimed descent from Muhammad through the line of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima Zahra (Muhammad’s daughter).

      A simple Google search of the first name Hisham provides the following:

      In other words, the individual charged with making a bomb threat against Muslim students was a Muslim.

      I am not holding my breath.

      • moraywatson

        The Toronto Star is fake news. They are blatantly lying to their readers, and fostering disharmony accordingly.