Why are we catering to illegal migrants?

Our national debate on immigration policy should not be about any particular race, religion or country of origin.

It should be about whether we are a nation of laws, or of the latest political whim.

Currently, it is about illegal immigrants and illegal refugees, not about legal immigrants and genuine refugees, the latter of whom we continue to welcome.

So, how did we get to the point where the law only matters until politicians decide that some people who are not even legal members of our society don’t have to follow it?

  • reidjr

    The extreme left has had a dream to turn Canada into a non white country and they see this as a great chance.

    • Editor

      And they have an OMG! virtue signaling, 14 year old, Tumblr reading, selfie taking, because it’s 2017 level of logic and discourse, anti-Trump snob Prime Minister enabling it.

      • reidjr

        The left wet dream maybe coming true.

    • They’re deliberately stoking a race war. Because if there’s a race war then they have a more justifiable pretext to impose a Marxian Police State. And ironically, the people running the Police State won’t be the minorities or neo-Marxian “victim groups” (i.e. the “proletariat”) that they pretend to represent — I can guarantee that the people running the Police State will be almost exclusively white Canadians on the Left.

      • reidjr

        I really think we will have a Islamic party soon.

        • In the West we have Parties with names such as “Christian Democrats”, but unlike Islam if the CD’s are elected it doesn’t mean you are electing a Theocracy. In fact it never means that and never has anything to do with religion, otherwise nobody would elect them. With Islam it’s the opposite — if you elect an Islamic Party it almost certainly means a theocratic dictatorship. But Justin is too stupid to know the difference.

        • Bataviawillem

          We already have it, it’s called the liberal party.

  • All of these insane new immigration experiments are in their infancy — barely six months old. And they are already, and were predictably, an epic failure. Yet the fascist Left and their Media propagandists would have us believe that these are tried and true immigration policies that have existed for centuries, and anyone questioning them is suddenly an overnight “racist”, Islamophobe, xenophobe, etc.

    It is in fact massive globalist Media propaganda — historical revisionism on a level I don’t think we’ve seen since the rise of the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. But an even stranger brand of historical revisionism than the former — because history isn’t even allowed to develop in this case — process is irrelevant. The “sands of time” as it were, and its inherent wisdom, are eliminated from the Left calculation completely. I think the disaster that militant Progressives are leading the West into will come more swiftly and cruelly that anything we have witnessed before.

  • Gary

    I’m glad that the legal immigrants over the last 30 years are now seeing that the Liberals treated them like Ignorant peons and suckers to wait in Line because canada was Fair and Just which is where they wanted to have children in the Best nation on Earth.

    The 60% that didn’t votes for Justin are the ones that knew that Liberals we say whatever it takes to get in power and stay there.
    So sad, all you stupid muslims that obeyed the Laws and now eke out a living driving a Taxi or truck while you watch Liberals bring in 25,000 muslims refugees that got Welfare and Housing , paid from your taxes, while Liberals now let in hundreds of 2019 Voters that freely walk across the unguarded border for Welfare and full Dental coverage that could cost over $20,000.00 .
    Your child might even pick up a virus and disease in school from an illegals child that wasn’t screened .

    You voted Liberal because they let you in , but you made the mistake of doing it legally when the people you fled back home that were violent are now pouring in to be just like what you left .

  • Alain

    “Our national debate on immigration policy should not be about any particular race, religion or country of origin.” That attitude is exactly what got us into this mess. Culture matters, and importing people whose culture is completely incompatible with our culture is a promise of disaster.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We have to prove we aren’t Islamophobes!

    • Tooth&Claw

      What’s the point in proving anything, you’re always wrong to these brain dead zombies.