When Jilted Lovers Commit Hate-Crime Hoaxes

This is a story of love, hate, interracial romance, journalistic malpractice, and anti-Semitic bomb hoaxes.

It involves a young black man named Juan, whose mother named him that because Juan was enough—just kidding! Juan is an extremely black man, the color of a coffee bean, the color of dirty motor oil, the color of the dark Arabian night, the color of hell with all the fires put out. He has not ever been, nor will he ever be, mistaken for a member of The Beach Boys.

  • Gary

    Toronto just had that Bomb threat to a jewish school on Spadina near bloor. Let’s see if John Tory holds Muslims responsible as jew-haters since he’s quick to call non-muslims islamophobes without any evidence other than alleged hate-crime made by Imams and hijab wearing women that end up as hoaxes.

    So tell us Mr.mayor, muslims saw you support a jew-hating mosque that called for killing jews…we now have a bomb threat to jews ……you can’t be THAT stupid to now claim that islam had nothing to do with the threat .
    Where’s the Dyke premier that also supported the killing of jews when she ran to the mosque to assure the Imam and jew-hating wife-beaters that she too supports killing all the jews.

    These treasonous bastards can’t keep hiding in the Office and come out on Feb 2nd to tell us that it’s 6 more weeks or islamophobia.
    If they want to call be an islamophobe with NO evidence, than it’s time they went after Muslims and jew-hating animals not welcome in canada.

  • Watchman

    “Juan Volk, Juan Reich, Juan Führer”


    • Slickfoot