There is no wave of Trump-induced anti-Semitism or racism

Entire Family suffers Trump Derangement Syndrome

The actual percentage is yet to be exactly known, but it is already clear that a serious number of the major anti-Semitic incidents taking place — such as defacing Jewish graves, painting swastikas on Jewish students’ dorm room doors, and calling in bomb threats to Jewish institutions — are being perpetrated by leftists who wish to perpetuate the belief that Donald Trump’s election victory has unleashed a national wave of anti-Semitism.

  • FactsWillOut

    “I feel violated.”
    I just cant even.

    • V10_Rob

      If that’s a dude on the left, he should.

  • andycanuck

    If I run into one of these dumb c#nts (literally) out in public, I’m going to say, “Boy, do you ever look stupid wearing that thing” and whatever the outraged response is to reply, “I was talking to the hat!”

    • FactsWillOut

      Or say “Have some sushi, it lasts longer.”

      If they get aggressive, just punch them in the nose and hand them a tampon.

  • ontario john

    And good news for Ontario. Because we love to waste money here. Big Brother Wynne government is going to spend 47 million dollars on fighting racism. Yes the Toronto Star is excited that Wynne is going to spend millions on helping black youth and fighting islamophobia. Although black lives matter professors at Ryerson University say its not enough. Yes, you rural white trash, the Ontario government is coming after you.

  • Watchman

    Well, this strategy worked well in Israel for many years where arab-muslim-initiated violence and murders followed by Israeli government retribution or police or military action was generally written up by the Western media as if the retribution was the cause of the original violence. Israel was almost always to blame and the arabs were never responsible. Any time they could not be blamed for starting a conflict by retaliating, it was written up as something like, ‘Violence broke out in the West Bank after an Israeli car wandered into an arab town’ or ‘Clashes on the border injures five demonstrators after Israeli uses tear gas on initially peaceful demonstration’, or ‘Arab shot dead after two soldiers received stab wounds’. Every violent arab act was assumed to be the fault of Israelis who had had violently resisted their own genocide in 1948, 1967 and 1973 and every day between and since.

    And so it is with Trump. Every bit of violence is attributable to Trump by the MSM. In the modern world, the Progressives have worked hard to teach children that words are equivalent to actual violence and that words they don’t like to hear must be silenced. We now have a generation of young people who believe that they have the right not to hear opinions they don’t like, that they have the right to stop anyone else hearing from someone whose opinion they don’t like, and that those opinions from someone they don’t like are exactly equivalent to violence. We have taught people that violence can be justified in self defence against violence, but not the understanding that the original biblical phrase ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ is about a proportionate limited response to violence, not an unlimited license for retaliation. As a result, this generation believes that any voiced opinions is equivalent to a violence them and must be stopped by any means including extreme violent acts. They also believe that violence can be used against people who they judge might speak words they don’t like in the future.

    In this world of safe spaces even the lack of evidence to support violent retaliation is treated as proof of the nefarious effects of Trump. An aggrieved SJW wants to incite the rage of others to feel the outrage they feel all the time, and so some feel they must make incarnate the violence or racism or sexism they just know is going on in Trump supporters minds, so as to mobilise these others. Some just want to create a justification that will give licence to an unlimited amount of violence that they know is unsupportable just from a simple statement of opinion from a Trump supporter.

    So, you add together this leftist MSM propensity to blame all violence on Trump and his supporters, the concept that words are exactly the same thing as violence, that violence permits violent retaliation, and the need to mobilise allies who are not yet willing to act without proof of the unacceptable thoughts going on a Trump supporter’s mind. The end result is these fake crimes, highly publicised, to justify violence and to mobilise others against Trump supporters because there is no other way to show what activists believe is going on in Trump supporters’ minds.

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        Somewhere on the taskbar (maybe hidden and requiring a click on an arrow or something) at the bottom of your screen is the keyboard setting. it’s in FR right now. click on it and select EN.

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    Because staunch pro-Israeliers are notorious Jew haters, I guess.