Is Hell Froze Over? … CBC’s Neil Macdonald writes column that makes sense on M103

Iqra Khalid, Islamist 5th Columnist

Liberals’ anti-Islamophobia motion is a politically brilliant, sinister piece of work: Neil Macdonald

To anyone who believes in the unchained expression of ideas, Motion 103 is a sinister piece of work. Pollyanna-sunny, very Canadian, and no doubt brilliant politics, but sinister.

The motion, nominally authored by Liberal backbencher Iqra Khalid, calls on the federal government to condemn “Islamophobia” and all other forms of mean and nasty and racist speech, and, further, to immediately study how to quell hate and fear and generally figure out a way to make Canadians be nicer to each other.

All of which sounds lovely. Captain Kirk ran around the galaxy delivering a similar message to bigoted aliens for years.

My view is that M103 represents the Islamization of the Liberal Party and their reliance on poisonous identity politics. This same toxic stew resulted in the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. It will be PM Useful Idiot’s downfall as well.