‘I’m being attacked for attacking terrorists’: Imam slams Islamic TV network criticising him for warning that radical Muslims want to create a Sharia law state in Australia

An imam who warned that extremists are trying to set up an Islamic state within Australia has slammed a Muslim TV network that claimed he was a fake.

Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi claimed last month that hardline Muslims were trying to establish a Sharia law state within Australia’s borders.

But in an extraordinary attack, Muslim television channel OnePath Network then accused him of not being a real sheikh.

Imam Tawhidi – who showed Daily Mail Australia documents and pictures proving that he is a legitimate imam – was shocked by the criticism and said the channel should be thanking him for ‘exposing extremists’.

  • Gary

    This is why the islamic Supremacists in canada want a new law to make islamophobia a crime.
    Iqra Khalid wants to silence people when Imam Steve Rockwell twellas the truth that muslims are order to make Canada an islamic state once they have the number to do jihad and impose sharia and then take over the Government.

    Muslims in canada are only about 0.003% of the World’s population , this means that we shouldn’t judge the 99.997% by the action of a few which assert that islam does not want a global Caliphate and that Jihad is an inner growth to be pure.
    The leftists are using the alleged 97% of scientists to push Global Warming, so if 98% of the muslms use the same quran that calls for killing jews and the current 6 billion non-muslims ……I’ll take their word for it and not the 0.003% claim that only they know the true islam and have the Peaceful version of the quran while the 99.997% have it wrong.

    Imam Rockwell has the TV show where the CRTC allow him to spew his quran calls for jihad in canada.