Did Obama spy on Trump? Glenn Reynolds

It isn’t out of the question. The former president’s administration wiretapped journalists and spied on Congress.

So President Trump set off a firestorm over the weekend with a series of tweets alleging that Obama had tapped Trump Tower. But getting hung up on imprecise language in the president’s tweets isn’t the right way to look at things. What seems to be at true is that the Obama administration spied on some of Trump’s associates and we don’t know exactly how much information was collected under what authority and who was targeted.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course he did. 100% certainty. Obastard’s problem is that he couldn’t use the information w/o showing his cards.

    • V10_Rob

      Exactly. The spying is not the question, it’s how the information was shared around for strictly partisan purposes.

      As for WHAT information was gathered, if it was anything damaging they would have leaked it to stop Trump’s election. Whatever they have on him pales in comparison to the scandal of how they got that dirt.

  • terrence22

    Did Obama Spy On Trump? Was Obama BREATHING?