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NDP urges Justin Trudeau to denounce Trump’s ‘racist’ travel ban

The NDP is urging the federal government to condemn what it calls U.S. President Donald Trump’s “racist” travel ban and to suspend a refugee agreement with the U.S.

The New Democrats have been pressuring the federal government to temporarily halt the Safe Third Country Agreement, arguing it endangers lives by forcing asylum seekers to cross into Canada outside official border points.

The Decline Of London

Firstly, I can confirm first-hand that London’s population is barely English, but one can prove that on the Underground journey alone. No, I actually got the chance to see how these people live, rather than just their composition. People there take remarkably little care of both their appearance and the state of their businesses and homes. Everything looks rotted, chipped, weather-worn, and often adorned with illegible graffiti. The stench of some pedestrians would put the Middle Ages to shame, particularly the Bangladeshi migrants I encountered, all of whom looked either dejected or menacing.

Now the EU is censoring its own MEPs

Brussels bureaucrats, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that the president of the EU parliament should be able to pull the live feed of debates if he believes the member speaking is spouting ‘hate speech’. Under this new rule, the offending speaker would be fined up to €9,000.

Suspect, 40, who ‘strangled a grandmother, 80, to death at her allotments’ as her family reveal their ‘heart has been ripped out’

The 40-year-old man charged with murdering a grandmother at her allotments was pictured outside court today as her family revealed that their ‘heart has been ripped out’.

Rahim Mohammadi, of Hackney, East London, appeared in court today after being charged with her murder yesterday following his arrest on Friday.

Circulating the Web: Muslims call on Queen Elizabeth to convert

Muslims in England gather outside Buckingham Palace, call on Queen to convert to Islam.

Jewish politicians dispute NYPD finding cemetery damage not vandalism

Jewish leaders in New York are disputing the New York Police Department’s finding that 42 headstones in a Brooklyn cemetery toppled due to neglect and not vandalism.

School Kids Go to Suicidal Military Camps in Iran

This is a jihadi military camp in Iran, but especially designed and prepared for school children. It is located in a remote area in Iran and under the auspices of the mullahs’ regime.

What you are seeing in these pictures are school children, no older than 14, taking part in military training camps designed to familiarize them with life at the front lines. This particular class has somewhere around 30 students.

NYT columnist urges IRS employees to unlawfully leak Trump’s tax returns

A veteran columnist at the New York Times urged IRS employees Sunday to leak Donald Trump’s tax returns to his publication.

“If you’re in IRS and have a certain president’s tax return that you’d like to leak, my address is: NYT, 620 Eighth Ave, NY NY 10018,” Nicholas Kristof wrote on Twitter.

h/t Marvin

FLASHBACK. Remember When Obama Used the NSA To Spy On Congress?

Since a lot of folks seem certain that the Obama administration would never, ever do anything that came close to breaking the law… I mean other than killing people during Fast & Furious and siccing the IRS on political opponents… it is useful to take a quick look back to the time when the Iran nuclear deal was being discussed in Congress.

Bordering on unmanageable

How does a country that has committed itself to protecting refugees reconcile this objective with a public that is increasingly demanding its leaders to maintain law and order at Canada’s southern border?


  • Achmed

    There will be peace throughout the land when all follow Allah.

    • k1992

      There would be something, anyway, but I’m not sure that “peace” is the right word. If all infidels were eliminated, I rather strongly suspect that Islam’s insatiable appetite for blood would cause it to turn fully on itself, and devour itself. And not just Sunni versus Shia or Ahmadi or Sufi, etc. All against all.

      There is no room in Islam for empathy, gratitude, love. It is about hate, violence, submission – if these had no target, targets would have to be invented. Hatred is not a tap that can be turned on and off at will. Once on, it stays on.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Your Allah is only appeased by blood. Much like the ancient Aztec gods. The Aztec civilization died. So will Allah’s.

  • disqusW6sf

    Sickening about London.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      That was a superbly written article, and I’m looking forward to the next installment re: the London Underground. Both my wife and I have been to London and would certainly never go again there.

      Frankly, the only other place as wretched in my mind is the gift that keeps on giving, namely the shithole formerly known as Paris.

      • jayme

        Some people are making (I assume) a fortune off mass immigration and the overall degradation of the population. The images made me think of England just after the Industrial Revolution: the cities dirty and decrepit, the common people spiritless, poor and powerless, working for a small group of wealthy elites (who, of course, lived far away from the squalor). I know I’m over-simplifying the situation then (and now) but still – perhaps there’s some parallel.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          A little Dickensian for my taste, i.e. Victorian era Leftism, but I know you’re aware of the oversimplifcation. While the Industrial Revolution was immensely significant, the Internet has been, many believe including little old me, even more significant in the short-term since the 1990s and certainly for the long-term.

          What struck me most was that multiculturalism in London has devoured and displaced British/English culture and the Union Jack visible was almost a surprise for the author. But at this crass level all cultural tidbits are degraded and out of context, like a postmodern dystopia where nothing means anything any longer and rather signify once unique and strong cultures before multiculturalism and globalization and immigration watered down all uniqueness.

          Wealthy elites, sure, but are they even English any longer?

          As I say to my wife and friends re: Toronto, multiculturalism for me means having less and less in common with more and more people.

  • reidjr

    Right now Canada can’t handle the American refugees as it is but the Ndp wants us to open the flood gates.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      The NDP are showing their true colours re: this issue: hard left socialism bordering on a mindless, cruel international communism. Always have been, always will be.

      • Reader

        Who do they think they are, Team Trudeau?

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Ha! 🙂

  • ontario john

    No word on whether the Queen will be beheaded at the Tower of London if she refuses.

  • ontario john

    Today on the CBC’s daily what are muslim refugees in Canada up to, we have the heart warming story on muslims pruning trees or something in Eastern Canada. Glad the CBC is giving us daily reports on our most important immigrants.

    • reidjr

      Yet in Ottawa hospitals are over 120% cap people are being placed in lounges/offices and hallways as there are not rooms left this is a real story yet not a peep from the Cbc.

      • Tooth&Claw

        It’s no different in Alberta hospitals. They are always running overcapacity.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      “Most important immigrants”?

      Correction: Don’t you mean “Most important human beings residing in the post-nation known as ‘Canada’ and the most important humans beloved by Allah”?

      The CBC should get its facts straight in Justin’s Canada.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Hey NDP in Canada: FUCK OFF.

    (1) Islam is not a race. It is a set of ideas, a political program, a code of law, a religious tradition, but certainly not a race.

    (2) I loathe Islam for a great many reasons, and am a free speech loving proud Canadian and an Islamophobe. I am genuinely scared and fearful of Islam and what it has done to the Middle East, Europe, and is doing now in Canada and the USA, from M-103 and 9/11.

    (3) The USA under Trump is not persecuting American citizens and Muslims there, legal or not, are not “refugees”.

    • Editor

      Well said! Thank you.

  • ontario john

    That concept of Canada that Trudeau has about our not being a nation state, and being part of a global community is really working out well. Oxfam Canada which pretends to be a charity, but is really an organization pushing socialist ideas, wants Canada to do more to promote feminism in Canada. I guess Oxfam can’t find any needy people in the world. And the UN has sent investigators to make sure Somali warlord and pirate families are welcomed and treated properly in Canada.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      What’s wrong with inviting the majority of Sudanese into Canada? We can send them all to Nunavut. No doubt they’ll love it there, no?

      Same goes for Somali warlords and pirates and their families. Same for Nigerians and especially Boko Haram members throughout Africa.

  • New Centurion

    Kinda reminds me of the old song from Paul McCartney “Wings at the speed of sound” album “Let em in”

  • Editor

    Re : Circulating the web – Not that surprising considering Pope Franky has practically converted.