Austrian Foreign Minister: “Build refugee centres outside of the EU” “Political Islam has no place in Europe”

“It is not right to only connect this to Angela Merkel. This false policy has been supported by many heads of state and governments as well as by the EU Commission. It was meant well. But it was always clear to me: when we wave people into Central Europe, it will entice more and more people to make their way here.”

  • With or without “political Islam”, the fact is nobody should be building refugee centres in Europe in the first place. Refugee camps and centres are always built in the nearest safe country. This is the first time in history that anyone has had such an insane refugee program as Merkel’s, that requires millions of people to be automatically relocated out of their culture region.

    Even if you were dealing with peace-loving Baha’i’s from Persia — who unlike Islamists never get in anybody’s face — why would you want to automatically relocate them to refugee centres in Europe?

    • tom_billesley

      When a fifth of the population of Begium fled in a few months as Germany occupied most of their country in WW1, it was in main the nearest countries that took them in: 250,000 to Britain, 350,000 to France and a million to neutral Netherlands. About 26,000 arrived in the port of Folkestone in one day in October 1914. Of those in Britain 90% had returned within a year of the war’s end and in the long term only about 5,000 settled in Britain. The culture wasn’t so very different and they did not form a separate community.

      • And I think in the case of Iraq and Syria, refugee camps can be built in “safe zones” inside the borders of those Nations because the war is not nationwide (perhaps guarded by UN “peacekeepers” with clear orders to use deadly force to protect the refugee inhabitants). Every situation is different — the idea that the EU and idiot Western progressives have suddenly discovered a “global solution” is asinine. Not only haven’t they found a “global solution” by eliminating borders, but they have created a global refugee crisis unforeseen in history, including during WWI as you pointed out.

  • Millie_Woods

    The eurotrash aren’t smart enough to rule themselves. They were better off living under the monarchy. Muslims know that better than the europeans themselves

  • Alain

    Good luck separating “political” Islam from Islam. It is a ridiculous as thinking you can separate “radical” Islam from Islam.